Yesterday was a good day! A Louis day!

I went to the beach. Fort Zachrey Taylor Beach.

Threw down a beach chair and contemplated my navel.

The weather was perfect. Sun shinning. A slight breeze off the ocean.

The water was bath warm. Actually refreshing. There must have been a lot of salt in the water. I was able to float on my back with absolutely no effort. So float I did.

At one point I layed the back of my sand chair down and fell asleep. For about an hour. A good sleep.

Then home for a quick shower. And another nap on the cool sheets.

Last night I hit the Chart Room first. To my dismay, none of my friends were there. Why, I do not know. I felt sad.

After a couple of solitary drinks, I sauntered over to Sloppy Joe’s for dinner. Sloppy fries again! This time however I did not enjoy the band. That loud schreeching singing. After my time.

I had one more stop in me. Irish Kevin’s. Love Irish Kevin’s. Get there rarely, however.

I was in the mood for something special. So I had a shot of Patron’s Silver tequila followed by a bite into a slice of lime. It did the trick!

The entertainment was funny! Women were showing their bare breasts for a free Irish Kevin tee shirt. A lot of free tee shirts were given away!

Funny, women don’t seem to wear bras these days. At least under a tee shirt!

Such was my day. A good day! A very good day!

This morning golf! I have not played in two weeks. I am excited. I enjoy golf and the people with whom I play. Always a fun time, even if my play is lousy!

Enjoy your day!

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