I survived yesterday!

Golf was a pleasure. But pure devistation!

Because I was under the weather for a few days, I had not eaten. Ergo, I was naturally weak. Top it with an imposing sun! I was dead! I could not wait for the round to end!

Of course, I played lousy. At least this week, I had an excuse.

Played with Don, Larry and Yankee Jack. Lost $11.

I crawled home after the 18 holes were completed. Tired I was!

I had a light lunch and climbed into bed for a long nap. It was not to be. Lisa showed up with the grandkids to swim. Robert and Ally were in and out of my bedroom.

After they left, I decided to go out to dinner. I needed a good meal.

First, I had to shave. When a man’s sick, he shaves not. I looked like a bum!

Since it was Wednesday, I stopped first at Aqua to see Bobby Nesbitt. He was not there. He’s up in Rochester, NY visiting his mother.

Randy Thompson was filling in for Bobby. Thompson is a drag artist. Note that I said artist, rather than queen. He is a spectacular impersonator. Top of the line.

Thompson is absolutely beautiful! Looks like a woman, sings like a woman! He is a woman!

And his voice! Soft like a woman’s!

What a performer!

Then to La Trattoria for my long awaited meal.

The bar was empty. I was the only customer. There were few in the restaurant portion, also.

Kathy bartending.

Beecha showed up. She was not working. She came over and we had dinner together at the bar, with Kathy joining in our conversations.

Beecha raced last Sunday in the 12.5 mile swimming race around Key West. She came in 7th out of 74 overall and 4th in the women’s division. Pretty good! It took her 5 hours 45 minutes. The race ran about an hour slower this year because of the tides.

She never practices. Just does it.

After the race, she consumed a bottle of what she described as high protein beer and rushed home. Where she collapsed on the bed and slept for 5 hours!

There is another race around the island this Sunday. A different sponsor. She is racing again! I am impressed! She is crazy!

Beecha insisted I try the mussels. La Trattoria has a new mussel appetizer. So we shared one. Absolutely delicious! I am not crazy about mussels. However, they were my mother’s favorite food. In memory of Mom topped with Beecha’s cajoling, I dug in. Terrific!

I followed the mussels with a bowel of creamed something soup. That was it for dinner! As much as I wanted to eat, I was afraid to do so.

Also, I did not drink!

Golf by day and Randy Thompson and Beecha at night were enough for me! I hurried home to an early bed.

Today is a big one! I am baby sitting Robert and Ally again. However, this time Lisa is going to let me drive them around.

I have had to take minimal steps to acquire Lisa’s trust.

This is a big deal! I had told her that just hanging around the house all day sucked!

The game plan is to take a drive up to Boondock’s in Big Pine with them for minature golf and then lunch. The grandkids are excited! With the golf! This will be a first for them! And so will the day for me!

Have a happy day!

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