It’s Sunday!

Love Sundays!

A do nothing day! The Good Book was correct when it said it should be a day of rest!

A busy day yesterday.

Did paperwork in the morning. Then lunch at the bar at the Yacht Club. Read the papers and chatted a bit.

I had a Truman deprivation. I had not been to Borders in a few days. So there I went and continued reading the book on Harry Truman’s life. It is an opus! Like War and Peace! Over 1,100 pages long! I am still in Truman’s high school days. Of that, all I can tell you was that he was a good student and in love with Bess Wallace, whom he subsequently married, from a distance. Even then young men were awkward in their pursuit of the ladies.

Stopped at Lisa’s afterwards to see the grandkids. They have recovered from the walking pneumonia. Finally!

At 3, it was over to the bocci courts. The playoffs were starting. Larry Smith’s team had made the playoffs. I went to lend my support.

I only had time to stay for the first game. Larry’s team lost. The other team was very good. Pros. Their throwing was precise. I susupect they were a number 1 team in their evening slot. Larry’s team was number 5 in the Thursday night games.

There were 2 more games to play. But I could not stay.

I had intended on going into town last night. When I got out of the shower, I could heard Howard Livingston singing on the TV. There he was on Channel 5! And I thought there was a runner on the bottom of the picture reading that Howard would be playing at Boondock’s last night.

So I drove north 30 miles to Big Pine and Booondock’s. Howard is a good friend! Love him dearly!

Howard was not playing! I screwed up. He is playing some Saturday in the future.

Oh, well!

It just so happens I like Boondocks. So I sat at the bar, had a few drinks and a snapper sandwich. And talked with people around me. One good thing about the keys is that every one is friendly. You are never alone!

I also watched part of the Cleveland/Orlando basketball game.

Then I headed home intending to watch the end of the game from my bed.

The weather was perfect last night. I put the top down on the convertible for the drive back. There was little traffic. The stars were out. And although I could not see the ocean, I could taste it.

I caught better than half of the second half of the game from my bed. With 4 minutes to go, Orlando was winning by 14 points. Then it happened again! I fell asleep!

Fortunately, I woke at 3 this morning for a bit and caught the last 2 minutes in a rerun on TV. Orlando won by 13.

Orlando’s Dwight Howard looked fantastic! Scored 40 points. Cleveland’s LeBron James did not have a good night. It was the same old story. He cannot do it alone! He needs team mates who can help him!

Today is special! We are celebrating Ally’s 4th birthday!

Her birthday is really tomorrow. But the party is this afternoon. She knows she is getting 2 days to celebrate it! How smart she is so young! How glad I am she can enjoy a doubleheader!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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