A nice day in the making! Sun up. A cool breeze. Water moving slowly. Not a sound to be heard.

Every day is a nice day lately. The rainy season is starting. Not much yet. Generally in the evening. Soon it will rain a bit every day. About 10 minutes at 1 in the afternoon. Amazing!

The hurricane season is around the corner. Technically, the season begins June 1. It runs through November 1. 12-13 hurricanes are predicted. 3-4 anticipated to be bad. The predictions and projections are the same every year. Some years they are correct, or close to correct. Others, nothing happens. I like nothing!

We all remain concerned.

Last night began as usual with the Chart Room. Drank with Marty and Captain Peter. The last night with both for a while.

Marty is heading north today for two weeks. To Auburn, NY. His wife has an elderly aunt who is moving in with them. So they are are their way to get her and return her to Florida.

Nice of Marty and his wife. They are being good family. Sad for the aunt. She leaves her whole life behind.

Peter is heading to Mexico for a week. To visit his former wife. A good guy! To reach her he has to fly somewhere and then ride a bus for six hours. The heart once moved is never still!

Marty and I had dinner at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. Again, a good meal and a spectacular view!

Marty was tired and left soon after dinner. I stayed around and watched the basketball game on TV. Los Angeles won. Denver is eliminated. It had to be. Los Angeles has been there before. Denver had not. First time Denver had advanced that far in the play offs. It seems a team needs some experience and seasoning to make it. Carmello Anthony and Denver will be back next year. And probably win!

Bocci is still around! The play offs begin this afternoon.

My team did not make it. We were locked solidly in the cellar. Larry Smith’s team did! And I will be there to cheer them on!

Stay healthy! Enjoy the day!

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