It’s a lovely day today…..

Yesterday’s lunch was a unique experience! I ate at Shrimp Shack. The Shrimp Shack is that place I write about at the end of a road on Stock Island. It sits on dock where the shrimp boats are located.

Philly steak sandwiches have never been my thing. I probably have had 3 in my whole life. At the Shrimp Shack yesterday, I noticed a Philly fish sandwich. What the hell! I was in the mood for something diffrent!

What a treat! What taste! No steak. Fresh lobster and shrimp covered in melted cheese and cooked in a delicious sauce and onions. All heaped on a large soft sub for serving. A wow! Try it!

I had drinks last night with Captain Peter and Sean at the Chart Room. We solved some, not all, of the world’s problems.

Then Peter and I decided to have dinner at the bar at the Wine Galley. What could better! Good company, good food and Larry Smith playing the piano!

TV news this morning reported that Dave Bing was elected Mayor of Detroit. Hip, hip, hooray!

Bing is a class act. I know of him from Syracuse University. He was a star basketball player. Played with Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim back then. Bing went on to be a professional star with the Detroit Pistons. He has already been elected to the Hall of Fame.

Success followed Bing even after his retirement from basketball. He became a successful businessman.

Now he has entered the political arena. Not for glory, I assume. Rather to help his down trodden home town! Good luck, Dave!

There is a buzz on the streets of Key West. It is about a documentary film which is opening Friday May 8th at the Tropic cinema.

The film is called In A Dream.

It is the story of Philadelphia artist Isaiah Zagar. Zagar’s specialty was mosaics. He created from tiles. He is most well known for a 50,000 square foot mosaic in South Philadelphia which consisted of elaborate designs made from tiles and mirror pieces.

50,000 square feet is a big mosaic! It had to be. Zagar told a story in it. The tale of his relationship with his wife Julia. The story details how a family deals with mental illness in a loving and supportive way.


The film is directed by Zagar’s son, Jeremiah. For him, a personal tale. All the more reason to see In A Dream.

Golf this morning! Ho, ho! Hope I play as well as I played on the back nine last week when I shot a 47! We shall see!

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