This early morning view from my office window never ceases to amaze me! Each and every day it is a happening! The ocean and a solitary palm tree. Mangrove islands in the background.

Yesterday started out to be an easy one.

Coffee and the papers at the Coffee House. Lunch at Paradise Cafe. Then home.

Suddenly my day became physical! I decided to wash my car. I have not washed a car in years!

It took well over 2 hours! Hot, dirty, grueling work. The sweat was running off my body in streams.

85 degrees! Could not park the car in the shade. Hose only extended so far. The car filthy!

An experience! What motivated me, I know not. However, I assure you I have no intention of doing it again for years!

Last night was Donna and Terri time! I was their guest at dinner. Blue Heaven!

I have not eaten at Blue Heaven in about 5 years. It is off the beaten path. In Bahama Village. It is an outside open air restaurant. Sort of rustic. Very Carribean. Nothing fancy, yet fancy in itself. Baby chicks and an occasional dog walking around.

Atmospheric would best describe Blue Heaven.

The food was outstanding! Donna and I had the snapper. Terri a steak. The flavor is in the sauces. The sauces smother the food and bring out all sorts of exotic tastes.

I am beginning to sound like a food critic! Which I am not!

Terri is excited about her return to Broadway this fall. Good for her! No, great! She is an absolute talent! And deserves the good luck which has come her way.

Donna was her usual charming self. We talked about the new jewelry pieces Donna has done. Donna earns her way by custom making jewelry. Unique pieces! They stand out! Look great on men and women. Yes, she also has a male line! Remember, this is Key West.

And then home to bed and a good night’s sleep. I was lucky to have stayed up as late as I did. My ass was still dragging from the car washing!

Have fun today!

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