Work by day and fun by night yesterday.

Physical labor of any kind has never been my forte. I have avoided it like the plague my whole life. Yesterday for some reason I decided to get physical.

I have a 20 x 40 foot deck on the second floor outside my bedroom. It is tiled and has plants. The plants were getting overgrown and the tile had that typical Key West salt buildup.

So I hosed and scrubbed down the tiles. Then I attacked the greenry. Pulled weeds and the like.

I observed the gutters were plugging with leaves and whatever. So I climbed over the railing, hung by one hand and cleaned with the other. How stupid! One slip and I would have fallen and broke an arm or leg or something worse!

This morning my back aches and my ass is dragging. So much for physical labor!

My daughter Lori has been in town the past few days visiting. Son in law Allen and grandson Andrew were with her also.

Lori is an attorney now running my former law firm in Utica, NY with her brother John. A lovely girl! Now obviously a lady! But to me always a girl, my little girl!

She, too, married late in life for the first time. Ergo had a child immediately. Grandson Andrew is now 7 and in the first grade.

My son in law Allen is a gem. His second marriage. He is now in his early to mid 50s. Has 2 grown children from his previous marriage. A son who recently graduated from college and a daughter in college. Allen travels big time. All over the world. He is a senior vice president with a major medical supply manufacturer. He just returned from a week in Germany last Friday. Flew to Key west this week. Flies back to Utica today. Leaves Monday for Germany again for 10 days.

I don’t know how he does it!

We had dinner together last night at La Trattoria. Seven year old Andrew and I sat next to each other.

Andrew is smart!

He had some sort of computerized game he was playing. He tried to explain it to me. Good luck! I cannot even rest my watch yet for the time change of 3 weeks ago! I have to mentally add an hour every time I look at it!

The game was in French. Andrew speaks and understands French! He studied it at Montessori school up north. And he also has visited Paris 3 or 4 times already in his short lifetime.

Allen lived in Paris for 2 years way back working for his company. He still does a significnat amount of business in France. Daughter Lori has always loved France. In fact, when they married she wanted the ceremony under the Eiffel Tower! I was not for the idea. Thought a Paris wedding would be too expensive. So the compromise was a wedding on the beach and then a reception at the Casa Marina here in Key West. Black tie. Lovely! Best wedding I ever attended! Cost me over $100,000. I could have had it in Paris!

They leave at 6:30 this morning. They are probably seated on their plane right now waiting to take off. A safe journey to them!

Today is Saturday. What will I do? Don’t know. One thing is certain however, no more cleaning/physical stuff for me!

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