Last night was a big night in bocci!

We had to win! A side money match!

We won! Ho, ho, ho!

We had not won even 1 game in the last 8 weeks. We are the cellar team this season. The worst of the worst. However, last night we rose to the occasion.

We won the first game decisively.

The second we won also. But it was a squeeker! We won 16-15.

We all played well. Even me! I was deadly in the first game. Good in the second game till the end when I faltered. Badly! Made 2 very bad shots when the chips were down and we were behind 15-14. My partner was Rob. He came through! Made 2 very outstanding shots and we won!

I could not stay for the third game so I am unaware of its outcome. Not important, however. We only needed to win 2 out of 3 which we accomplished by winning the first two games.

There is one match left in our side bet 4 team tournament. It is next week. It is for all the marbles! Going to be fun!

Another nice day in the making here in Key West! I watched the sun come up this morning. A bright orange ball breaking over the water!

Enjoy your day!

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