Good morning world!

I would like to say the sun is up, the sky blue. But it is too early! It is pitch black outside. However if the weather report is to be believed, it is going to be another glorious day in Key West!

Yesterday was quiet.

Lunch at Paradise Cafe. No chickens. Makes me wonder where they are. Propogating? Perhaps. They periodically seem to disappear for awhile. Then the mother hen reappears with ten little chickies following behind her.

Last night was dinner with Lisa and the grandkids. I missed Sunday dinner and had to make up. Otherwise, Lisa would be upset with me!

My grandchildren Robert and Ally have so much energy! Non stop in everything they do. Wow!

The news yesterday was big with Obama’s toxic asset plan. I do not understand it. The fact that the market went up dramatically as a result of the anouncement, scares me a bit. Is this toxic asset plan another slight of hand investment strategy? I am a fairly intelligent person. Well educated. And to be frank, I do not understand the plan at all!

I have dealt with toxic torts my whole life. Asbestos, pcbs, hazardous substances of every nature. Nothing good ever comes from a toxic substance. And I fear nothing good will come from these toxic assets.

The very name bothers me. Toxic assets. How can anything toxic be an asset?

The bank and AIG bonus situations continue to bother me also. As everyone else!

Astronomical amounts, these bonuses! Many in the millions! And big millions, at that!

A new level of wealth was created. I read somewhere recently that the folks at AIG got so rich they were having their gums capped! Makes the point!

Too much! Too quickly! Apparently too easily!

Most Americans work hard all year for a salary. Either hourly or weekly. They bust their butts every day. Their only expectation is a small raise at the end of the year. That is the American way!

Now along come banks and insurance companies. Basic industries in this Nation. Two industries that are consumer driven and were initially established to serve public needs. The public that works for a set salary and the hope of a year end raise.

But the banks and insurance companies have a different way of rewarding their employees. Bonuses!

Examine from where and why the bonuses are paid. The bank and insurance employees get paid bonuses for making more money for their companies. Money made from screwing their customers or the public.

Think of it! How many times have you paid a point extra for a loan or when it came time to sign the papers, the mortgage was a bit higher than advertised. One example in the insurance industry is the claims person who squeezes the injured party and delays settlement so the innocent accident victim is forced to settle for less out of need and desperation. That claims person is paid a year end bonus based on how much he saved the company in a multitude of claims that year.

We all work for an employer. To whom we owe proper diligence. But these companies are set up to reward their employees by screwing the public who uses their services. Not right! It is a consumer/people be damned attitude! A basic morality issue.

Look where it has brought us! Bailouts and millions in bonuses to company leaders and employees who got us into this situation in the first place! Failure rewarded!

What a screwed up society! We have to correct these bad habits, and fast, or we will all be selling apples on street corners! The homeless shelters will not be large enough to accomodate the number of people clamoring to get in!

Sunday night at the Pier House I ran into Kurt. My golf buddy. He shoots 72 and I shoot 115. Kurt is a gentleman. He also can be a tough guy. Kurt is a night bartender at Don’s Place. A big guy. Weighs in near 300 pounds.

Someone gave him some shit. Kurt says the guy was stalking him. There was a confrontation. Fists were thrown. Kurt, of course, won. However in the process, he lost. Broke his right thumb. Took seven weeks to heal. No golf. And a pain, otherwise.

Kurt was at Larry Smith’s Sunday Showcase with his mother and brother. They are from Indiana. First time visitors. I chatted with them for awhile. Nice people.

I told Kurt’s Mom that Lisa’s husband was from Indiana also. And I told her what a great guy he is! She understood. As I described Corey to her, I expressed my thought that all folks from Indiana are solid good people with all kinds of values. Middle America, she proudly stated!

I could see as I talked with his Mom where Kurt got the kindness he exudes.

I just looked out the window. Still way early! Gray outside. However now I can see the ocean and a palm tree. A slight breeze pushing both. Pretty!

Lunch today with one woman. Dinner with another. A double header! Going to be a good day! Do not get excited, however. Business. Well, sort of!

Talk with you tomorrow!

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