A good Sunday yesterday!

Syracuse played Arizona State at noon. Syracuse won by about 11 points. It took Syracuse’s best game to beat Arizona State. But beat Arizona State they did! And now Syracuse is on its way to the Sweet Sixteen!

There’s nothing like March Madness!

I stopped at the Gardens last night around 6. The Sunday night event was on going. A couple of hundred people.

Good music and good company. A lovely setting.

I ran into June and Bill Hudson. They are back from Delaware. They told me they were off to the Wine Galley for dinner and Larry Smith. They asked if I wanted to join them. I was uncertain. Told them I wanted to make a couple of other stops and might see them.

I went over to La Te Da. My intention was to have a light snack at the outside bar. The place was too packed however. No room at the bar!

La Te Da is now on my hit list of places to eat. It has been a long time since I enjoyed La Te DA’s cooking. The reason that it is so good is that Alice is back cooking. A culinary artist!

Intertestingly, Saturday I lunched at Paradise Cafe. Paradise Cafe is nothing special. A run down former gas station. Sells cheap cuban sandwiches and coffee. But the sandwiches are so good!

Who did I run into Saturday at Paradise Cafe! Alice, chef premier at La Te Da. A compliment to Paradise’s cuban sandwiches!

I told Alice, “We both know the best places to eat.” She laughed. Alice knew what I meant, however. Not only does she cook, she walks the dining room floor constantly chatting with her patrons, offering a cheery hello, asking if one is happy with the food, etc. So she knows I have been eating at La Te Da again. In fact, I told her I returned because she was cooking!

Dejected I could not eat at La Te Da, I walked across the street to the Keys Piano Bar. Only a handfull of people. However, I stayed awhile to enjoy the music.

It was still early so I went over to the Pier House’s Wine Galley. And sure enough, there were Bill and June Hudson. They had not ordered yet, so I joined them for dinner.

Sunday is Larry Smith’s Showcase. Last night he featured Peter Delaney. Peter is a native of Norwich, Connecticut, who now spends much time in the Key West area. I have heard Peter sing before. A great voice!

Kathleen Peace was part of the program, also. I love Kathleen’s singing! Spectacular! Actually spectacular is not sufficient to describe the range and quality of her voice. She is one of the best, professionally and personally!

By the way, in all the running around last night, I only had 2 drinks. A good boy am I!

I read an article recently that an Ohio school had nearly 700 applications for one open janitorial job. A sad sign of the times!

It reminded me of my law school days.

It was 1959. My son John had just been born. Beside scholarship money and two part time jobs, I now needed a third job. Another mouth to feed!

Sears was advertising a part time evening janitorial position. Perfect for me! I applied! The personnel guy rejected me. He said I was over qualified. I would not be happy sweeping floors. I told him it did not matter what the work. I would do it and do it well. I would be timely. And happy!

My words fell on deaf ears. All he knew from his perspective was that I was over educated to clean toilets. He just did not understand! I needed the job!

Just as many others need a job or additional job today! With so few to go around.

A sad time for all of us! A sad time for America!

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