It’s 5 am. I am up early.

Very dark outside.

I can hear the water.

Strange weather yesterday. There was a storm around noon. Lasted a couple of hours.

It was almost like a hurricane. Dark, thunder, lightning, wind. And rain!

The storm was not predicted.

Summer is the rainy season in Key West. Normally it rains for about 10 minutes every afternoon around 1 o’clock. Not this summer. Either it does not rain at all for several days or we get a storm. Storm times are not predictable. It will rain in the morning. Sometimes at dinner time. There is no pattern this year.

A scientist I am not, but I think it all has to do with global warming!

I had a very pleasant evening. Kate Miano had a small dinner party to which she invited me. Good company! Good food!

Her Italian extraction was evident. Pasta with meatballs and red sauce. She cooked the sauce herself. Made the meatballs also. Her mother taught her well.

Kate is reigning Queen of Fantasy Fest. She had her cohort Captain Timothy, the reigning King, at dinner also. Bob was there. Celeste also. Celeste is a partner in Mama’s Flowers. Her partner Danya did the florals for my daughters Lori and Lisa’s weddings several years ago. Good people!

The wine flowed. Second helpings of pasta were in order. And ice cream for desert!

I will have to run 5 miles this morning! Only joking! Run I do not!

However, I do play golf. And today is Wednesday. So I will be teeing off at 9 this morning. That will be exercise enough!

I have not played in 3 weeks. So my poor game excuse is already out there!

Enjoy your day!

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