Sunday has once again come and gone.

It was a good day.

I did basically nothing!

I watched Meet the Press. Hillary Clinton for the whole hour! Interesting! She is a dynamic figure!

Then Lisa and the family came over. It was swim time.

In the pool and in the ocean. Robert and Ally were terrific! They are fish! Take after their father Corey who dives for a living as an archeologist at Mel Fisher Museum.

Lisa laid out a couple of big bath towels on the deck. She made some sandwiches and cut up some fruit. We had a picnic sitting there on the towels!

After they left, I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed watching TV and snoozing.

Last night I had dinner at Lisa’s. Read the Sunday papers afterwards. Articulated with Robert and Ally.

And then home to an early bed.

Truly a day of rest!

Required by the mind and body on occasion!

Yesterday it was for me!

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