And the band played on!

It was that kind of night.

A storm came through.

Rained non stop. Could hear it beating against the house. The wind was as drums playing. All octaves.The lightning. Nothing like it when you live on the ocean. Big and bright. Fills the bedroom. Through closed shutters.

The weather report this morning says there is in effect a severe weather warning alert. I already knew it.

Winds at 35 miles per hour. Wind gusts on top of that number. Minor flooding and pooling of water in streets. There is at least six inches of water sitting in the street in front of my house.

The weather report also indicates minor wind damage. It had to have been a hell of a wind. I went out on the deck before I started the blog. I have a potted plant. The pot itself is about two feet high. Filled with dirt. It would take two men to move. It is laying on its side five feet from its original position.

That is wind!

The weather report indicates rain off and on this morning. Then clearing. This afternoon will have a record high of 85 degrees. It always amazes me how the weather in the keys changes so swiftly.

Some one commented to yesterday’s blog that the pink sky was perhaps the result of dust from the Dallas tornadoes. Key West’s pink sunrise was roughly 24 hours later. The commentator could be correct. I checked wind direction, etc. The wind over Texas was coming down on the keys in a direct line.

I am contemplating an Italy/Greece trip. Need a new passport. The present one is thirteen years old. Started the process yesterday. Passport photos. Walgreen’s does them. The man took my picture. Told me to come back in a half hour to pick them up.

I decided to have lunch while waiting. Went across the street to Goldman’s Deli. In the middle of my lunch, I heard….. Poppa! A second later, Robert and Ally were all over me. Lisa had brought them for lunch. It was an accident that we ran into each other. A good one.

Got the photos. I look like a gangster. An old one.

This morning I have an early dentist visit. Right after I shall hustle down to the Federal Building to make application for the new passport.

Dinner last night at the Yacht Club with Cheryl and Roger. Lovely people from the Chicago area. Dear friends. We had fun.

Afterwards, the three of us headed over to Don’s Place. Don was still there. He beat me up on bocce. Was I ready for tonight’s games against Larry Smith’s team? I will let you know if I was tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the day!

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