It was a new world!

I picked up my new prescription glasses yesterday. Everything bigger. Clearer. Print easier to read.

I waited too long to have my eyes rechecked. Seven years at least.

Spent sometime yesterday with Lisa and the grandkids.

Tom and Tino are two friends. Golfing and bocce buddies, also. They have met Robert and Ally on occasion. The last time two weeks ago when Robert and Ally were on the putting green at the golf course. They are loyal readers of this blog. They read last week that Robert and Ally were hitting golf  balls in the backyard and that I anticiated a broken window.

Tom and Tino bought the grandkids a dozen plastic golf balls. Nice guys! I gave them to Robert and Ally yesterday afternoon. They were thrilled. Wanted to know what clubs to use. I told them their pitching wedges and 5 irons. Worry not. They do not hit their 5 irons 150 yards. More like 15, if they make good contact.

I needed some groceries. Not much. Decided to shop at Albertson’s instead of Publix. Albertson’s carries an ice cream brand that I enjoy and which Publix does not.

Albertson’s has a reputation for being cheaper than Publix. I did not find it so. Maybe a few items. Overall, I found it more expensive.

Let me make the following observation. Whether Albertson’s or Publix, the price of groceries is creeping up like gasoline. We are being had!

Basketball last night! Final Four time! I had planned to watch the second game with David. The Ohio State/Kansas game. We watched at Don’s Place.

Kansas won by two points. A surprise! Ohio state was favored.  Ohio State played a terrific first half. The second half belonged to Kansas, however. Kansas made Ohio State look inept in the second half.

I felt bad for David. He felt as I did last week when Syracuse lost.

Saw the first game also. The Kentucky/Louisville game. I was pulling for Louisville. I know Rick Pitino. Kentucky played great. As expected. Louisville played the best they could. And well. But were just a tat not as good as Kentucky last night.

Monday night is going to be big time! The final game. Kentucky and Kanas. If I were a betting man, my money would be on Kentucky.

A lot of friends at Don’s Place last night. Kurt bartending. Don floating around. Herschel, Erika, Boomer, John, Angus, etc. sitting around partying. Every night is party night in Key West.

Terri and Donna showed up. Their visit made the evening perfect!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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