I can’t win.

I have been completing this blog late recently. I got up at six this morning to get it out early. My computer was down. I checked everything I could in the house. Nothing made it work. Telephoned Comcast. They told me there was a power outage in my area.

It is now 10 AM and I am just able to start. Sorry.

Low 50s last night. Needed everything to keep warm. The cold front will remain with us through Saturday.

Terrific lunch yesterday! Robert and Ally joined me for lunch. We went to Goldman’s. We all ordered the same thing. Cheeseburgers. It always amazes me how well my grandchildren consume food. The cheeseburgers were large. Nevertheless, they both finished them with no difficulty.

As we were sitting down, I heard an hello. I turned around and it was Howard Livingston. Howard was with his wife Cindy and their grandson Michael.

Howard and I moved away from our respective tables to greet each other. Howard’s grandson Michael calmly walked over to our table and started talking with Robert and Ally. Michael is almost nine years old. Robert and Ally are seven and six respectively. It was amazing how well these three communicated. It was as if they had known each other their entire lives.

Love Howard! Who does not. The difference is I knew Howard back when he was Howard Livingston, a Chicago businessman. Cindy is a charming lady. They are lucky to have found each other. We promised to have dinner together in the near future.

After lunch, I took Robert and Ally home. I had bought them each a bag of marbles for Christmas. This was in addition to a big Christmas present I had purchased for them.

Robert and Ally had never played marbles. I had not played marbles in at least 65 years. I promised I would teach them how to play marbles yesterday. They were excited.

We went home and immediately got down to the business of marbles. Robert picked up on it right away. He was actually very good at it. Ally had some difficulty before she was able to get into it. They loved marbles! I fear one of the marbles is going to be rolling around on the floor and someone is going to take a fall. I admonished my grandchildren the marbles are to be placed in bags when they are finished. Hopefully.

Robert and Ally also received sticks for Christmas. Recall sticks? You have a handful of sticks about 10 inches long. Drop them all at the same time on the table or floor. The purpose of the game to pick up the sticks one at a time without moving any of the others.

I showed them how. The only problem was I could not pick up more than three or four. At 76, I have a bit of shaking in my hands. It screwed up my ability to play the game. Robert on the other hand had no shaky hands. He was picking the sticks up like crazy without moving any of the others. Even Ally was better than me.

It was a big day for me! Lunch with Robert and Ally. Teaching them marbles and sticks. Nothing better! God is good.

I stayed in last night to watch the Iowa election results. Amazing! Eight votes separating the top two winners.

Today’s a new day.

As soon as I complete this blog, I am off to the gym. Boxing alone. Just me and the bags. I like it that way.
Syracuse plays Providence tonight. A late game. Nine o’clock. I will not be home in bed till after midnight. Late for me. I will be watching the game at the Sports Page Bar as usual. Syracuse should win easily.

Sandra, I will be happy to have a drink with you. Let me know when you are in.

Enjoy your day!

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