My hometown is Utica, New York. It is 0 degrees this morning. High will be 14 degrees..

Key West experienced a cold night last night. The front came in late yesterday afternoon. It will be with us till Saturday. The wind off the ocean from the north east is biting cold at 35 miles per hour.

The temperature dropped into the 50s last night. Cold! However, I am embarrassed to complain after noting the temperature in Utica.

Everything is relative, however.

It is going to be cold tonight in Key West. The projected low is 47°. That is really cold!

I worked out with Courtney yesterday. Weight lifting and the like. For those of you old enough to remember, I will soon look like Charles Atlas! What a joke!

I want to comment on the people who use the gym. Extremely friendly people. Mostly from other countries.The place is a United Nations.

They all have great bodies. Abs. I never had abs in my younger days not do I now. I do not believe I will ever have abs. My trainer Courtney disagrees. He dreams.

Stopped at Don’s Place after boxing. Had a cold glass of water. Spoke with Rob, Keith and Todd. The Thursday night bocce playoff game the topic of conversation.

Headed over to Publix to shop. I had run out of food again.

I experienced a first time event at Publix. I checked out. Put my hand in my pocket to get my credit card. No credit card, no money. I had forgotten both at home.

I was not embarassed. Felt stupid.. The checkout girl was very kind. We will keep your groceries bagged in the cart. Go home, get your money and come back. Which is what I did. No problem. Groceries waiting for me. The ice cream did not melt.

Robert and Ally returned yesterday. I did not get to see them. I plan on taking them to lunch today.

I came across an odd name this morning on Facebook. Elvis Hitler. Did not make sense. Googled the name. Turns out to be a band out of Detroit. The band is described as psychobilly/hillbilly. Strange name in an ever developing strange world!!

It is long pants and a leather jacket today. I am not ashamed to admit it.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I have visited KW every six months or so for the last 15 years. Your blog is on my short list…may I buy you a drink when I am in KW for a week starting the 11th?

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