Another good morning!

Same as yesterday and the days before. Quiet. Nothing moving. Moon big, round and bright. All of which means another great day weatherwise for Key West.

I walked again yesterday morning. Three days in a row. Good for me!

Did the hotel route again. I walked by the Atlantic and through the beaches and pools of two large hotels. The Sounthernmost complex and the Reach.

I mentioned yesterday that I enjoy walking hotel grounds and that the bikini clad ladies are a sight to behold. Martin BK (the other Marty) commented that such was the…..essence of Key West.

Right he is!

My research yesterday took me back to 1915 and St. Gilles prison in Brussels. The time World War I.   Edith Cavell, a British nurse and spy,  was executed by firing squad by the Germans. She had helped 200 British prisoners escape.

Bocce tonight! I am ready to play. Missed last week because of my health. Bocce balls are heavy and the sun brutal.

Tomorrow the Key West Lou Legal hour. Ten in the morning my time. Join me. The internet carries the show world wide.

Once again, a terrific show is planned. Another crazy week has passed providing fodder for great topics. Like burial with a bang, the Columbian women who just ended a two month sex strike, a Texan freed after 25 years in jail by DNA, squid and same sex, strikes and protests in China, China and super luxury yachts, pot brownies put three seniors in the hospital following a funeral service, advertising directed at dogs/not humans, Egypt and Christians, and the poor me cry on Wall Street by the bankers.

And more!

Listen in! Watch! You will not be disappointed!

Enjoy your day!

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