Good morning world!

This morning is the same as the past few. Calm. Quiet.

I saw a glint of light between the branches of the palm tree next to the pool. I looked around the palm tree. It was the moon. The palm tree had hidden it from me in recent mornings.

It was the doctor’s again yesterday. Doctors should sell stock in themselves. Senior citizens would get rich!

I needed to have blood drawn. I hate the process. When I was 21, I was about to get married. One of the requirements in New York State at that time was a blood test. To make sure you did not have a venereal disease. I passed out as I watched the nurse draw my blood. Fifty five years later, I still am squeemish when it is to be done. I make sure I am sitting and close my eyes.

Visited afterwards with Lisa. My baby. She is my baby. The youngest of my four children.

Then I walked! Two days in a row! Walked in the opposite direction from the day before. From Square One to the Atlantic. Down the concrete dock sitting in the water. Around the grounds of the Southermost Complex. Then crossed the street and did the Reach.

I enjoy walking hotel grounds. The bikini clad ladies are a sight to behold.

The cupboard was bare again. I grocery shopped. A pleasurable experience for me. Publix is friendly. I greet old friends and make new ones. I was pressing heads of lettice. A delightful woman came up to me and asked if I was trying to decide which head was best to buy. I said yes. She showed me. That is how friends are made!

I stayed home last night. Wanted to watch the Republican debate at 9. I could not find it on my TV. I have over 300 channels available to me, yet could not get the debate. A bummer.

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. I am going to skip again this week. I feel good. But I do not wish to test my stamina on the golf couse yet. Next week.

My research was interesting yesterday. It was 1885 and I was in Naples.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It was on the "Bloomberg" channel by all the finance channels. And it was live on line on bloomberg dot com.

    It was interesting. Only Cain and Paul have a unique message. Would have like to have seen more argument between pro-FED Cain and anti-FED Paul over the very existence of the banking cartel.

    Cain's 999 plan took a lot of flak. I'm not sure anyone was listening when Bachman put a torpedo midships of it when she (correctly) pointed out that the National Sales Tax would lead to a Value Added Tax all in ADDITION to the income tax giving the politicians more money to spend.

    That's the argument against any type of tax "reform". Be it flat tax, fair tax, or rich tax. It's all just giving more power to the Gooferment.


  2. "I enjoy walking hotel grounds. The bikini clad ladies are a sight to behold."

    Now that is the essence of KW in my opinion. Great to know the interest never ends even with age.

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