Good morning!

Glad to be writing early in the morning. My computer has been returned in a healthy state.

My day yesterday started with my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Fun to do! Where else could I sit back and pontificate on a number of issues and have no one talk back to me!

Three topics appear to have generated the most interest.

Based on the feed back, my friend Jim Brown from Crete was a hit with his diddy about the cost of gas, food, power and water. Smart man, that Jim Brown.

I shared the salaries, hospitalization plans and retirement benefits of our Congressmen with the audience. A wow! Most people are unaware what a good deal these people have. And yet….they think not of us. I do not understand.

We need manufacturing jobs in the United States. They all went overseas. Many to China. Periodically I discover a Chinese produced item that sells well in the U.S. or elsewhere and bring it to the attention of the audience. My purpose is to demonstrate these items could easily be manufactured here.

One item I discusssed a few weeks ago was the American flag. We import over 3 million American flags from China each year.

Yesterday, I discussed another item which recently came to my attention. Condoms! Yes, contraceptives.

Most of Africa is ridden with AIDS. Governments pay for the condoms and distribute them to their citizens.South Africa alone imports 11 million condoms a year. From where? Mostly from China. Why can’t we make them here and sell them there?

After the show, I hurried over to Salute’s for my weekly men’s luncheon. I sat near Paul, the publisher of the Citizen, and Mike, an author. Interesting conversation. I learn a bit each week. All the participants are sharp people.

Lisa’s birthday yesterday! We celebrated with dinner at the Yacht Club. Lisa, Corey, Robert, Ally and me. We had a very good time. Loved it!

The only drawback to eating with Lisa and the family is that it has to be early. Generally six o’clock. After dinner, it is still early and the night ahead too long. I drove over to the Chart Room for a drink. The place was empty, except for Emily. Chatted with her for a while. I like Emily. She is an intellignet person, as well as good bartender. And good looking, besides!

I was home early to bed.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. In Thailand the government also produces the condoms and distributes them freely. They cover the cost by having restaurants in Bangkok named Cabbages and Condoms. Great food and atmosphere. They have a Santa in the courtyard made from red and white condoms, bouquets of flowers from varied colored condoms adorn the restaurant tables. Their purpose is prevent disease.

  2. Interesting point about first person being a way to get round 'Show not Tell', Emma. A first person narrative I guess is totally 'telling' – it's one person telling their story. I like the way that third person allows you to 'show' the characters from different perspectives. Nick – yes, I've used first person present too! I still hate it though, 9.5 times out of 10…

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