Oh, what a beautiful day already!

Nothing like a Key West morning. It makes you feel alive!

I was bummed yesterday morning when the computer was down. Still down. Comcast due in the early afternoon.

I did yesterday’s blog at Lisa’s. Provided a chance to talk with her. She is busy busy with her new business. The Social Suite. Involves internet marketing. Lisa is good at it!

Spent the afternoon home writing.

I had no where to go last night. So I went to the Chart Room. JJ bartending. Met a very interesting couple from Australia.

 Jack and Nadine.

Last night was their first evening in Key West and their last in the United States. They leave out of Miami this morning to return to Australia. They have been on a whirlwind one week trip along the eastern seabord. They started in New York. Then to Vermont. To Washington, DC. Then Miami. And last night, Key West.

Not much time in any one place place. However, they enjoyed seeing what they did.

They appeared dead tired! I felt bad for them. They can sleep on the flight back today. Twenty hours.

Both are young. Jack 25, Nadine 22. Jack already owns his oswn  business. PVCS. He manufactures and installs them. Nadine is a school teacher.

They tell me Australia is not hurting. Not the same as the United States economically. People working, making money. They believe the prosperity will last at least another 15 years. One reason for Australia’s economic stability are underground ores. Australia has many metals and minerals. The mining of their own raw product contributes significantly to the Australian economy.

Jack and Nadine both live some where near Melbourne.

Hope they return some day to Key West!

Stopped at Don’s Place afterwards. No one I really knew. I did not stay.

Drove to Lisa’s. Robert was just stepping into the tub. A kiss and a hug from Robert. Lisa and Ally in Lisa’s bed. Playing fish. More hugs and kisses. Corey in the living room reading. It was so quiet. Very unusual. Normally, the grandkids are hooting and hollering.

I had not eaten. I was driving home to make myself a sandwich. Decided on impulse to stop at the Marriott’s Town ‘n Tavern. Glad I did.

Robert bartending. Always a gentleman.

Two ladies sitting half way down the bar from me. Hello, Louis. Hi, I said. She introduced me to her friend. We chatted a bit. I apologized and asked where we knew each other from. Linda. Linda Schrufer. One of the nicest people in my life. She is now gone. Linda threw great parties. I used to refer to her as the Pearl Mesta of Key West

The ladies told me they stop in mondays after work. Why don’t you join us next week?  I will try, I said.

My first stop this morning will be a haircut with Lori. Then, I do not know.

Enjoy your day!

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