I am late with my blog this morning.

Sorry. Not my fault. A screw up at Comcast’s end. Not even worth discussing. However, I have to wait till tomorrow afternoon to get it fixed. I am writing from Lisa’s.

The real question is: How am I going to live/get along without my computer? How will I research? How will I communicate with  friends everywhere?

Life has changed. We are all dependent on a little screen.

My blood pressure seems to have stabilized. It has been 48 hours A- 0K . Hope it stays that way.

Yesterday was Sunday. Watched Meet the Press.Then started writing. Wrote till 2.

Writing has become my obsessive pass time. I get completely absorbed and forget time. That is what happened yesterday. By 2, it was too late for me to go to Don’s Place. It would have been after 3 before I got there.

I recall back in the mid 1960s, I painted for three years. Took lessons. Started with oils. Too slow for me. Graduated to acrylics. I enjoyed painting then as I enjoy writing now. Became immersed in painting, also. And as with writing, the time flew.

I stopped painting because I reached a point where I had no time for it. My practise had become busy.

I put the paints, brushes and easel away.

I tried to return to painting here in Key West a couple of years ago. Fifty years later. It did not work for me. My interest and absorption were not as before. So the paints, brushes and easel were put away again. This time forever, I suspect.

Lisa and the family visited with me after dinner.

I had eaten alone at home. Screwed up my meal completely. Not even going into it. Some people cannot even boil an egg. Though it was not eggs I was trying to prepare last night.

 Fortunately, Lisa brought me leftovers from her dinner.

I watched the Emmys from my bed. Kept awake for the whole show!

A great show. Fast moving and entertaining. Glad I watched it.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hi Lou, Glad to hear your BP is down now keep it down. So nice that you have your daughter Lisa and her family there.Have a good Day and no Drinking the bad stuff, not worth it.If you want to be around for a long time..

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