Busy day yesterday.

In the morning, my internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Wild! Great topics! Seems to have been well  received world wide.

Based on post show comments, the lead story provoked the most interest. The Mile High Club. The tale engaged viewers. Why not. It had 9/1, airplanes and sex! And was true! Truth is stranger than fiction.

The topic also was educational. Many learned what the Mile High Club was. Mostly women. Interesting in itself.

After the show I visited with Lisa for a while. She was busy as a beaver working on social media tasks for her customers. In fact, she finally said…..go…..I have too much work to do and you are bothering me!

Lunch was at Salute’s. The friday men’s lunch group. Only five of us. Normally about ten. The number in attendance had nothing to do with the quality of the conversation. The most stimulating yet!

Met two new people. Patrick Gossweiler and Roman Gastesi.

Gossweiler owns the Frenmch Croissant on Duval. A great little restaurant and bakery. I am ashamed to admit I have not been there in years. Parking is a problem.

Gossweilewr has been in Key West 14 years. The rest of the time, all over the world.

A nice guy. Knew about many things.

Gastesi is the County Administrator. He runs things! A smart relatively young man. The information he contributed was enlighening. He is a detail person. I thought I was back practising enviromental law.

One of the other men, whose name escapes me, brought his dog with him. A golden retriever who needed a diet. The dog was quiet and attentive to his master. He responded to oral directions immediately. Stop, sit and the like.

We were all amazed how well trained the dog was. We asked how long he had him, etc. Four weeks was the response. He was an abused dog and the new owner acquired him fron an animal abuse shelter in Miami.

Soon after, he was taken by his new owner to a professional trainer. Turned out the dog needed no training. He was comp;letrely trained regarding commands in every respect. Only his new owner needed training. As to the commands and how to handle his new pet.

My first stop last night was the Chart Room.

I had to compete with motorcycles galore on my way into Key West. This is Poker Run weekend. Twenty and 30 bikes at a time roared by me. When I arrived at the Pier House parking lot, half the lot was lined with mortorcycles. Big, shiny ones. Expensive. Between the cost of the bikes and the fact that many were staying at the not too cheap Pier House, it was obvious that these bikers are well heeled.

Sheila, Sean and Katherine were at the bar when I arrived. I was glad to see them. Emily bartending. When I ordered a drink drink, she gave me a bit of a hard time. She was not sure she should serve me.

Emily reads this blog daily. She is aware of my blood pressure problem. She did not want to read in today’s blog that she contrinuted to my health problem in any fashion. Thank you Emily, but the doctor said I could have a drink or two last night.

I now have a new mother in Key West. Emily. Lisa is the other. Some think as you get older that you can neither think nor care for yourself. On occasion, I find this helpful attitude aggravating. Not last night. I was glad that Emily thought enough of me to be concerned.

Dinner was at the Hot Tin Roof. Always good to see John. John had a friend visiting. Another John. Interesting conversation and a great meal.

Then home to bed.

Syracuse plays Southern California tonight at 8 my time. Plan on watching the game from my bed. Syracuse  is a 16 point underdog. I expect we will lose. But…..who knows! Hope springs eternal!

Have to hustle. Corey is speaking at 9 at the Weston. There is a three hour historical panel scheduled about pirate and slave ships in the Caribbean back when. Corey is THE world recognized expert in the field. He writes for National Geographic 2-3 times a year. He also appears frequently on the History Channel.

Enjoy your day!

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