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There is an e.coli bacteria warning for the southeast United States. Includes Florida. The warning appeared on the internet this morning.

The problem involves ground beef and ground beef products. Three chains are named. Publix, Winn-Dixie and Kroger. I do not know Kroger, but we have a Publix and Winn-Dixie in Key West.

Do not eat such beef products. Return them to the stores from whence they were purchased.

I know of e.coli personally. I suffered from e.coli infections twice in my life. Once from a prostrate biopsy that was conducted through the colon wall. The other time from food. E.coli is caused by human or animal defecation getting into the human blood stream.

It is a no fun illness. Death can result. A big time sickness definitely.

I recall my first experience. I was in the emergency room sick as hell. Could not pee. My body ached, especially from the waist down. Freezing cold.

The blood work results came back swiftly. The diagnosis was e.coli. I knew nothing of e.coli at the time.

The doctor said this is day one. You are going to get sicker. You will get more sick each day for the first four days. On the fourth day, you will be so sick you will think you are going to die. Then the tide will turn and you will walk out of here on the seventh day feeling fine.

He was correct. But I must tell you, that fourth day was the absolute worst. Fortunately, modern medicine has the antibiotic or whatever that cures. They start pumping it into you day one. E.coli is so bad however that it takes four days for the cure to start winning the battle in your body.

Yesterday was Sunday.

I started with a visit to Lisa and the family. Had not seen them in  a week. They were on vacation. It was especially good to be with the grandkids again. Robert and Ally each gave me big hugs and kisses. It is amazing. Every time I do not see them for a few days, they look like they have grown. They did again yesterday.

I wanted to do something different. I decided to take a ride up US 1 to the old seven mile bridge. Recent media accounts said the old bridge was being closed to pedestrian traffic because it was in need of repairs. No money was available to make the repairs. A fall out due to our present economic condition.

I checked the internet to see if the old bridge had already been closed. Saw no mention of it. Checked with Corey. He had driven by the day before on the family’s return trip home. Corfey said yes, the old bridge was still open.

The old bridge runs parallel to the new seven mile bridge. The old bridge is what remains of the railroad bridge Henry Flagler built way back when to connect Key West to the rest of the United States. The bridge was destroyed for railroad use during the horrendous 1935 hurricane. Never repaired, a portion which remained standing was converted to pedestrian use.

As a side note, that was also the end of railroad travel to Key West. To this day, there is no railroad travel available. People drive or fly to get here.

The drive north to the bridge was enjoyable. I had the top down on the convertible. As I drove the new bridge, I did not observe any one on the old bridge. The old bridge was closed!

I was not upset. There was value to the fifty mile drive. It was a good drive. Especially with the top down. I was sad however that the old bridge was closed. Normally on a Sunday afternoon it would have been crowded with walkers, roller bladers and bicycle riders. I felt even worse when I realized it probably would never be open to the public again. An example of a pleasure lost because of money problems.

The day was ok in spite of the bridge being closed. Besides the drive being good, I stopped at No Name Pub on the way back. Treated myself to a Philly cheese steak sandwich.

I was home in time to catch the last few holes of the PGA. Apparently the best holes.

Keegan Bradley is to be congratulated. A 25 year old nobody winning in his first major appearance. Even better was his winning after taking a triple bogey on hole 15. What a come back!

I felt sorry for Jason Dufner. He was 4 up with four holes to go. He lost/blew it. He will live to fight another day, I am sure.

This morning Lisa and I are meeting. She is helping me with a project. Then at 2 this afternoon, I see my heart doctor. My blood pressure is still out of whack. Better, but still too high. I suspect I will be on a new blood pressure pill following the visit.

This blood pressure thing irritates me. My blood pressure was under control for years. The last 2-3 it was running 100/60. Low! Too low it was thought. I was feeling sluggish and listless. So my pills were changed. Actually, the dosages were rearranged. Now my blood pressure is too high! And we are having difficulty getting it down.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. A little adjustment in the history of the 7-mile bridge. The 1935 hurricane took out some land based railbed, not any of the bridges. Since the railroad had never been profitable, it was not repaired by Flagler's company. The state took over the right-of-way and converted the bridges to auto use (note the Bahia Honda bridge roadbed was built on top of the old trestle structure). These were used by auto traffic from 1939 until the 80's, when annual maintenance became so expensive that keeping them could no longer be justified.

  2. When the bridges were first converted for auto traffic, the pictures of the original auto decks are pretty scary.. Patrick

  3. Lou,

    That blood-pressure issue is a bugger. My dad has been through that over the past year and, really, all the doctors can do is "play" with your meds until they finally hit the right combination in the right dosage. I know that's no consolation, but they'll get it right eventually. Just take care of yourself, in the interim — low/no salt, little or no alcohol — I know that's not easy, especially in the Keys/Key West.

    Hang in there,
    KWBound a.k.a. Deanie

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