The rain came and went. All in two days.

It did not rain yesterday, except for a few occasional drops.

This morning is absoluitely lovely! And…..not one cloud in the sky!

I do not understand. This is the rainy season. We need rain.

The Larry Smith Award.Three catrons of cigarettes. True to my word, they are gone. Every pack. Not for me.

Yesterday was quiet. I stayed in bed most of the morning. Read a bit. The air conditioning got fixed. A new compressor.

After 3 nights of difficult sleeping conditions, it was great to have a cool bedroom. I opted to take a nap. Slept all afternoon!

At some point during the day, Lisa telephoned. Could I babysit? Of course. I cancelled my dinner date for the evening. Babysitting is a priority.

Ally was better. It is amazing how little ones recover. She had spent two days in bed looking like the living dead. Would not eat. Fortunately, drank. High fever. Yerterday, up and around. Went to camp. Full of energy.

Robert got whatever his sister had had. No  camp for him. He was home on the couch sick.

Robert spent the evening in his parent’s bed watching TV. Did not want to talk or anything. Just lay there. He had a leave me alone atitude.

Ally was in the living room with me. Wound up. Revitalized.

She “wrote.” She is six. She writes. Wrote Dear Poppa letters to me, get well messages to her brother and I love you Mommy and Daddy to her parents. We talked. About all kinds of things.

Both Robert and Ally do a strange thing. We will be together conversing or not conversing. All of a sudden, one of them will throw themselves on my lap and lay there holding me tight for a while. That is a God is good time for me!

Lisa and Corey were home early.

I headed over to Don’s place. Had one drink and chatted with Don. Then home to bed.

A quiet, but good day.

Cameron is still in Mongolia. We have not heard from him in almost a week. Not surprising. He is living with a typical Mongolian family somewhere in the desert in a tent home. I can’t wait to hear of his experiences when he returns.

The Happy birthdays are still coming. Thank you one and all, again.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. KWL –

    Sorry to see your son and daughter in Utica are in so much trouble. Sorry for you that is. Just not the way you did things when they worked for you.

    Another example of greed over integrity.

  2. Also very sorry for you how your son and daughter have tarnished your wonderful reputation that you have worked so hard over the years for and a firm that you were so proud of. You did very well by your whole family and they Destroyed the Petrone name here in Utica.

    Another example of what happens to kids when everything has been handed to them they grow up not knowing how to do the right things instead of the wrong/

  3. Hi Lou, Sorry to hear of the problems at your old office. But one good thing came out of it, I saw that you had a blog. I am so glad you're doing well, you look great. I am taking care of Mom and Dad (Jim & Sara) Dad is now legally blind so I am their taxi, and whatever else they need. Mom has gone down hill since my brother Jim died. You keep enjoying life and be happy. Love, Joyce

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