What a wonderful birthday yesterday!

I received approximately 250 email greetings. At least 30 telephone calls from within the U.S. Plus, three international telephone calls. Milan, Italy, Athens, Greece and Calitzdorp, South Africa.

I have always been under the impression that as one got older, one had fewer friends. Some died off. Others moved away. The internet and younger elderly lifestyle have changed things. We all have more rather than less friends, regardless of age.

Thanks everyone for remembering me. It made me feel good.

Yesterday was someone else’s birthday. Cindy. Of Cindy andTom. My friends from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Cindy and Tom snowbird in Key West during the season. We met two years ago via this blog and then hooked up when they came down. Better people I have never met!

Cindy is special. She comes with only one leg and one breast. Plus a few other missing body parts. She has had five differnt cancers and seven separate operations. Regardless, Cindy is undaunted. Cheerful, happy all the time. Outgoing. Kind and thoughtful. I love her!

Happy birthday Cindy, again!

I sucked at golf yesterday. Terrible. The worst.

Played with Don and Yankee Jack. Don was the big winner. $28. Yankee and  I each lost $14. And we only played 14 holes. We were rained out.

Yankee’s granddaughter is visiting from New Hamshire. She is 13 and going into the 8th grade. Catholic school. Studies Latin. Don and I were impressed. We both studied Latin back when. I had three years of it.

Yankee’s granddaughter drove the cart. Yankee rode in regal style. Proud that his granddaughter was with him. He beamed all 14 holes.

Last night was happy birthday time at Lisa’s.

Ally was sick. Cuddled up in bed when I arrived and the whole time I was there. She had a high grade fever. 103 plus. You could see it in her eyes. Did not want to eat. Did not want to be bothered, except for a soft and pained Happy Birthday Poppa!

Robert helped me blow out the candles. The cake was chocolate with a white frosting. My favorite. Thank you, Lisa.

I went home afterwards. Wanted to be alone. Sat out by the water and thought for a while. The things you think about at age 76. Some good, some bad. Some happy, some sad.

The upstairs air conditioning still screwed up. Corey gave me a fan. The fan, ceiling fan and fact that the rain made it cooler last night helped. I slept upstairs in my bed. Sweated less. Slept better than the night before, however.

I spoke with the air conditioning people yesterday. I need a new compressor. It is on order coming from Miami. It will be installed tomorrow. One more hellish night to get through.

I have a ten o’clock appoinment with the dentist this morning. More major work. I am not sure I will be able to do tomorrow’s KONK internet show at 10 am. http://www.konkbroadcasting.com/. If I can, I will. If not, last week’s show will be rerun. My problem will be enunciation.

Enjoy your day!

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