Today is my birthday. I am 76.


I can recall when I was in my 20s, people in their 40s were old. Those in their 70s ancient.

Certain birthdays are bother some. Thirty was nothing for me. Never gave it a thought. Forty, a disaster. Took a whole year to get over the thought I was aging. Fifty took only 24 hours.

Sixty, 70 and 75, nothing. I swept through those birthdays not paying attention to the number of years.

Seventy six has become a mental disaster. The past week has been bad. I think it must be because I have had a bad year health wise. Heart and jaw. Causes you to dwell on occasion on the inevitable.

I decided last night this is all bullshit! It must stop. The aging thoughts, not my life.

I thought about my Father and it did the trick.

Dad is 97.  He has some health issues. A bad aortic valve for one which limits his activities. He complains a bit. But….he continues on! He lives with a woman 73. They have been together for well over 10 years. They are very good to each other and good for each other. Dad looks to topping 100. His sister Mary died this year at 102.

The issue is behind me.

 I hope.

Air conditioning upstairs still not working. Think it is the compressor. Repair people returning today to do whatever. I had to sleep downstairs last night on the couch. The heat upstairs was overwhelming. I am going to sound like an old man. Always complaining. The couch sucked. A bed it is not. I slept poorly. My neck and back ache this morning. I am up early.

Yesterday was enjoyable. Two separate business meetings with two unusually interesting people. I am confident I shall be developing a relationship with both.

I was at Lisa’s for the Anthony verdict.

I did not follow the trial at all. I was involved in too many as a lawyer and have lost interest in watching legal battles. I miss the combat. Perhaps, that is why I do not watch.

Not guilty means there was insufficent evidence. She is entitled to the benefit of the doubt now. Remember 12 jurors, her peers, her fellow citizens, decided her fate.Their unanimous and swift decision is entitled to full faith and credit by the rest of us.

Lying to police is common. Lying to each other, also. Many do it on a regular basis. I have always thought that lying to authorities investigating a crime should not be a crime. My position is we have a legal right not to implicate ourselves. Unforunately, it is an add on to many charges by the prosecution. The thought being that if the prosecution loses on the big charge, it will get the alleged criminal on the small one.

I do not like that type playing field.

That is how it turned out yesterday in Anthony. Tomorrow she will be sentenced. The lying guilty verdicts  are misdemeanors that carry a one year sentence for each. Anthony has been jailed for almost 3 years awaiting trial. She is entitled to credit for that time served. She can only be sentenced to a little over a year. The judge has the power/discretion to suspend the balance of the sentence and set her free immediately.

We shall see.

After the verdict, a maincure at Lee Nails with Tammy. Love Tammy and her husband. They continue to do it the American way. The old American way. They immigrated from Vietnam. Broke. Worked their butts off. Now they have a successful business, a family and appear happy.

I admire them.

Ate home alone last night. Then over to Don’s Place for a drink.

Don and Larry showed up. They had played golf. Rob was bartending. Michelle and Alex chatting off to the side.

Michelle told me Sheila had graduated to a wheel chair. Congrats, Sheila. Careful operating it! Don’t want you falling off and breaking the other leg! Ho, ho. Love you, Sheila!

United States’ weather since last December. Record snowfalls, killer tornados and devestating floods. We now know why. La Nada. First it was El Nino, then La Nina. La Nina left and its absence left nothing to constrict the jet stream. Resulting in La Nada. La Nada has been compared to an unruly teenager.

It is.

How will I celebrate today, my birthday? The same as all days. Each of my Key West days is basically good. Will play golf this morning with friends. This evening I will celebrate Louis’ birthday with Lisa and the family. As it should be. Robert and Ally will have made the cake. My favorite. Chocolate with white frosting. They will help me blow out the candles.

What more can be asked!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Happy Birthday !
    I've learned to never be surprised at a jury verdict. The public usually hears more than they do.. Ms Anthony must be not guilty, after all, OJ and little Bobby Blake didn't kill anyone either.. OJ and Bobby were out together looking for the real killers until OJ finally went away on a government paid vacation.. Now the three of them will soon be able to get together and go searching..
    One does not have to implicate themselves,but, if one choses to talk, there should be consequences if they lie.. Thats just my opinion though.. Patrick

  2. Happy Birthday Louis.

    Since it's my birthday today also, Tom is taking me to my favorite seafood place along the Mississippi River tonight. We will have a drink to your birthday as well.

    Take care,

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