I had a strange experience this week. Sufficiently strange, then I did not know how to share it.

I have been speaking the past several months of getting a Volkswagen beetle convertible. I enjoy my 24 year old Mercedes. But if you live in Key West, there is nothing like a convertinble!

Volkswagen stopped making the beetle convertible in 2010. There are still a few new ones out there for sale. But expensive. Require a premium payment. I have been looking for a 2-3 year old one. In fact, I was on Facebook the other evening for two hours searching and pricing used and new beetle convertibles.

The other afternoon, I was working on the computer when the telephone rang. It was a friend. The friend said…..I am in your driveway and need some help. Out I went. There was the friend and a brand new Volkswagen beetle convertible.

Magnificent, I said. I have been looking for one.

My friend handed me the keys. It is yours.

You’re kidding, I said. No, the friend responded. You have been talking for months about getting one. I came across this one. Thought you might like it. Bought it for you.

I cannot take it, I said. Too expensive. You’re crazy. No way!

The friend again handed me the keys. Together with the paperwork. The car is yours. Take me for a ride.

A shock! Someone bought Louis a new car! And…..the specific car that had been his desire.

I am 75 years old. No one ever bought me a new or used car in my lifetime. But, I bought tons of new cars for my wife, children and employees. As well as myself.

Now some one was good enough to buy me one. Some one who had no responsibility to do so. Some one who just wanted to do a nice thing. A gesture. You’re a good guy Louis and I want to do this for you.

Normally, I would say…..only in America! But in this instance…..only in Key West!

Look for me as I drive about. The convertible is blue and white.

Enjoy your day! May you be blessed as I was this week!

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  1. If you believe this gumba Lou and these tall tales and outright lies about my island home and his made-up life, I have a bridge to sell ya.

    What a crock of sh*t toothless Lou — no one believes your delusions! Dementia setting in?!

  2. Lou – I've taken plenty of your posts with a grain of salt, but this one is too much. Just tell the truth, the blog is better that way.

  3. To both of the sleeze balls who signed in as "anonymous"……If you can't sign your name you don't own what you say. Step up to the plate and identify yourself if you are man or woman enough. But since I rather doubt this will happen indulge me as I saw what happened. It's for real. But that's not what all of this is about. It's about a man who gave more then a car or two to people over the years. It's about a man who gave money, a man who built careers for those that couldn't build them on their own nor maintain them once he had done it for them. It's about a man that has done so many good things that no one knows about because he wasn't looking for the glory. So back off until you can walk a mile in his shoes!

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