What a difference a day makes!

I have been under the weather since Monday morning. Wednesday and yesterday were terrible. I did not play golf Wednesday , nor did I play bocce last night. My jaw was still killing me from Monday’s surgery.

I had been in bed since Monday morning. Yesterday, I just had to get up!

Yesterday afternoon I headed over to Tammy at Lee Nails for a manicure. I felt good. My body obviously needed to move around.

I went to bocci last night. I had earlier called Don and told him I would not be playing. I sat and watched. That lousy feeling was back again.

The team played well without me. They won 2 out of 3 games.

Afterwards, I headed over to Don’s Place. Still felt crappy. But had a need to be around people.

I figured a couple of drinks would not hurt. Ended up having three gins and a shot of tequila.

What pain? There was no pain! The drinks were more helpful than the pain killers the dentist had me on.

I slept like a baby all night. And today I feel terrific!

Don’s CLINIC was the effective pain killer!

So…..I am going out tonight againt. Jenna and me. We will start at Schooners Wharf. Then the Chart Room. Then…..I am not sure. There is a couple performing at San Carlos tonight. A gypsy couple. They willl be playing and dancing flamenco music. Might go there. I like flamenco.

Key West loves Harry Tuman. And he apparently loved Key West. He made eleven trips here for a total of 175 days while President. As a result, the building he stayed in us now known as the Little White House. It is listed on the National Registry.

The Little White House conducts a symposium every year. This year’s symposium is this weekend. It is entitled: The Civil Liberties Legacy of Harry S Truman. It will be well attended with people from all over the world. Notable figures will participate. One of them is Clifton Truman Daniel, the noted author. His father was the publisher or editor of the New York Times back when. Most importantly, Daniel is Truman’s grandson..

Today is Friday the 13th. Be careful! Of black cats. Hard to do here in Key West. And…..do not walk under any ladders!

Since Osama bin Laden’s death, we have learned much more about him. The little details. Like he had 6 wives and 17 children.

I am impressed. And unquestionably do not know how he did it. I had enough trouble with one wife. Perhaps having six wives influenced his behavior. There is only so much one man can take.

The Islamic faith permits multiple wives. The reverse is not true, however. Muslim wives are not permitted multiple husbands. The Islamic faith is male oriented. Something that would not fly in our present American culture.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. "I am impressed. And unquestionably do not know how he did it. I had enough trouble with one wife. Perhaps having six wives influenced his behavior. There is only so much one man can take."

    Look in the mirror old man. I'm sure that it wasn't too fun to live with such a selfish and conceited husband like yourself

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