Good morning world!

I feel terrific this morning! Probably because I had a good night’s sleep.

Again this morning next to no breeze. We are starting to feel humidity. Still light. But becoming a constant.

Played golf yesterday morning. A better description would be I tried! It was a bad day at Black Rock!

I forgot how to putt. Sunk a twenty footer on the first hole. Whoopie! It was going to be a great day. Except, that was it!

I four putted 2 greens and three putted 4.

How much did I loose? Nothing. Broke even. We play all sort of side games. That saved my ass.

I played with Tom, Yankee Jack and Aaron. Tom was the big dollar winner, in spite of a bad back and screwed up knee.

Between not sleeping well the night before and playing, I was tired. I spent the afternoon sleeping. Intended to go to Aqua last night to see Bobby Nesbitt. Never made it. Stayed home and read. And then early to bed.

Dentist this morning. I will be there a while. Tonight bocce. In between, I will be working on tomorrow’s internet show.

Watch, if you can. 10 am EST.

Great show! The President and bin Laden, of course. Also Donald Trump, no fault divorce, second hand smoking, the S in Harry S Truman, leporsy, greyhound racing dogs, male circumcision, children who steal from parents, and an interesting Miami health fraud case. Plus more!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. KWL –

    Can't wait to watch tomorrow! "Children who steal from their parents" could be a best seller in today's society.

    Have a joyous day.

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