It is 7 am. Very little wind. Already humid. I play golf this morning. It is going to be a hot one!

Good night last evening!

I started at Don’s Place. Boomer bartending. Don stopped in for a few minutes.

Don’s was a bit too quiet for me. So I headed over to the Chart Room. Stayed quite a while. Had a great time.

Emily was bartending. She is relatively new. Works three nights a week. Things were slow at first so we got to talk and know each other.

I like Emily. Short and thin. Long light brown hair. Cheery disposition. Mid 30s. She has lived in Key West off and on since 1984. Did middle school and high school in Key West. She has a Master’s degree in the enviromental field and has worked in the enviroment in various states.

Bartending pays better these days.

Pam came in. I had never met Pam before. Emily introduced me to her.

Pam is a local.She works at the Old Town Bakery on Eaton and Grinnel. It is directly across from my old haunt the Paradise Cafe. We talked about the Cafe. Someone is reopening it soon. I hope the sandwiches will be just as good as the old place.

Dan and Nancy came in. Not locals. Not tourists per se. They have been coming to Key West several times a year for years. They are from Ontario, Canada.
Dan is retired. Nancy still working. She is a nurse. Works across the border in Michigan.

Dan worked for Dow Chemical. The name brought back fond memories of my days as a lawyer.

Once Nancy retires, I suspect Dan and Nancy will move to Key West permanently.

I have to move my butt. I am down to $3 in cash. I will probably need more to pay my debts after golf. I have to get to an ATM machine before I play. How is that for positive thinking!

Enjoy your day!

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