I’m losing it!

I visited Tammy yesterday. Needed a manicure. She was embarassed. Finally told me why. I forgot to pay her last week.

Last night I went to Schooner’s Wharf to watch the Conch Republic battle. No battle! It was the night before!

From Schooner’s Wharf to the Chart Room. Michael bartending. Captain Peter was there. Had not seen him in a while. And Sheila. Good people! We enjoyed a great conversation.

Then to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. At the bar, of course.

They have a new menu. Small print. Very small. Even with glasses, I had difficulty reading the thing.

Met Julie. She was sitting next to me. She has lived in Key West for many years. Strange we had never met before.

Finally, Jean Thornton! She came in for dinner. A bar diner, also. She has been back in Key West for a couple of weeks. We kept missing each other. I like Jean. She is special.

All of a sudden, Chris showed up. The Chris whose wedding I attended three weeks ago. Where is your wife, I asked. Home. He just stopped in for a few minutes. He was picking up their dinner.

I had snapper and mashed potatoes. I was able to handle it.

On the way home, I stopped at Don’s Place.

Kurt was bartending. His first night back to work since his shoulder surgery.

I chatted a bit with Kurt, Herschel, Erica, Todd and Michelle.

Today is Sunday. I am due at Lisa’s at 9 for breakfast. Have to hurry!

Enjoy your day!

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