Good morning!

Another glorious Key West day! A slight breeze. Not one cloud in the sky. Water moving gently along. Warm, of course.

Yesterday, golf!

I played terrible! Shot 123. Lost $20. Deserved to lose that much money!

I played with Tom, Tino and Yankee Jack. We laughed throughout the 18 holes. Not because of my awful play. We just had a good time. A very good time.

The golf course was crowded. Tourists. We had to wait on just about every shot. Took us five hours to play.

I hurried home after golf. Jenna was due. We had a lot of prep work ahead for my friday show. We worked a couple of hours. Did not finish. She returns at nine this morning.

I grabbed some quick shut eye. Golf always tires me out.

My evening started with Aqua and Bobby Nesbitt. By prearrangement, I was meeting Bill and June Hudson there. We had planned to have dinner together.

Between my teeth and everything else, I have not been going out much. It was the first time in months I was at Aqua. My absence apparently was noticed.

Bobby shouted a warm hello Louis from the piano as I walked in. Many friends there. Besides the Hudsons, Tom and Kathy, Lynda, Mary Jo, and more.

Mark Watson was working. I did not get a chance to chat with him, except for a warm hello. I was told that he recently wrote a play. Submitted it in some national competition. Ended up one of five finalists. Went to Chicago. Came in second.

As soon as I know more, I will share it with you. Donna and Terri arrive friday for the weekend. They will know everything.

Then the Hudsons and I went to La Trattoria for dinner.

The same thing again! Becha. Louis, where have you been? I was thinking about you today. Followed by a great hug and kiss.

We had a terrific dinner. I struggled with caprese as a starter. The cheese I could handle. The tomato I could not. I had scallops for an entre. No problem.

The table conversation was so enjoyable. Bill is a recently retired divorce lawyer from Delaware. He and June are two of the nicest people in the Keys. We have known each other for some 15 years.

After dinner, Bill and June headed to Larry’s Show at Hogs Breath. I was tired and opted to go directly home.

On the way down Truman, I changed my mind and stopped in at Don’s Place. Had a drink with Bebe and Rob.

Then home, again. Or so I thought. I realized the cupboard was bare. Publix was closed. Went to Albertson’s. They are open 24 hours.

I bought some ice cream. Sugar free. On sale. Looked good. I could not resist!

When I arrived home, I devoured the ice cream. Ate more than I should have. Sooooo good!

My doctor called  in the afternoon with my brain MRI results. I am ok. Surprisingly, nothing wrong with my head!

Tonight bocce! A money game. We play Larry’s team. A blood match!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lou,
    I just happened upon your blog 2 weeks ago and I just wanted to tell you I enjoy reading about your life in Key West… I have been there a couple of times in the past few years and wish I could live there myself. Thanks for sharing:-)

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