Black outside. Quiet, too. Cannot hear any breeze nor the water. Humid.

Going to be another terrific Key West day!


I play golf this morning. That is why I am up early. I did not play last week. Had to babysit Ally. I am anxious to play today.

I started yesterday with a walk. Per my doctor’s orders. Along Smathers Beach. My doctor keeps telling me to get a dog. That way I would be forced to walk.

Afterwards, I stopped at the Coffee House. Browsed through the New York Times as I sipped.

Spent the rest of the day working on friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour. This past week has been full of interesting events. I am overloaded with material for the show.

Jenna telephoned. I told her about all the material I had. She is stopping in after golf to help me sort it out.

Stayed in last night. I got hooked on a series of old Ray Milland movies. One co-starred Arlene Dahl. A 1940-1950 movie star. I became acquainted with her in the 1970s on one of my trips to La costa. She was still a beauty!

May I shoot well today!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Hey Lou,

    Very interesting bio on your father; please say "happy birthday" from me!

    Any relation with Rocco Petrone, director of launch operations at Kennedy Space Center during the Apollo days? I believe that he came from Amsterdam, NY, not too far from Utica.

    Dave from Highland Beach

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