A beautiful morning!

Not a cloud in the sky. Sun bright. A slight breeze.

Going to be a terrific Sunday!

Last night was delightful! I attended Chris and Aja’s wedding. It was at the West Martello Fort on the beach.

The ceremony took place on a small wooded hilltop between the fort and beach. A perfect setting!

The bride was lovely! Of course! Chris beaming. No question Chris loves Aja. He has talked of nothing but her since he met her.

The reception took place in the gardens beind the fort. Great food and drink. Many people. I enjoyed the company of Don, Tino and Marie, Frank and Pam, Larry and Christine, and others. Met a lot of new people.

It was an interesting and fun filled evening. Good party Chris and Aja!

Afterwards, I stopped at Don’s Place. Spent some time with Mikey and Russ.

I am going to spend the day screwing off. May write a bit.

Tonight is committed. Jenna and I are going to the Gardens together. She has never been. Afterwards, we are off to the Sports Page Bar to watch Syracuse play.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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