Six thirty yesterday morning the telephone rang.

It woke me.

It was my 5 year old granddaughter Ally.

The conversation went as follows.



“What are you doing?”


“Are you coming over today?”

“I don’t know.”

“Please come.”


“I want you to teach me more golf.”

“Ok. Where’s your mother?”


“Where’s your father?”


“Where’s Robert?”

“Sleeping. I’m up alone.”

“Then who telephoned me?”

“Me. I learned your number and how to do it.”

In recent yrears I have dreamed of a young lady waking me in the morning. I did not think it would be my granddaughter!

Later in the day, I did go over to Lisa’s. Took Robert and Ally into the back yard. Taught them how to tee up a ball. They both took to it immediately. I must be the only one in the world that has trouble teeing up a ball.

Then I showed them which club was a driver. They have small real clubs. Made especially for kids.

I showed them how to line up the club and ball. Then took a swing. I hit the ball easy. Nevertheless it went flying over the next door house!

I am going to take the kid’s driver with me when I play golf Wednesday!

I watched the Syracuse/Seton Hall game from the Sports Page Bar Saturday. Some Syracuse fans showed up. I met George and Kathy. From Oneida. George owns several wire manufacturing plants. One is Camden Wire.

We have mutual friends. Al and Don Carbone. Kathy also knew my CPA for more than 35 years, Bill Hatfield. She said Bill was in high school ahead of her.

Nice people. They have a time share at the Galleon. Five or six weeks a year.

I never made the gym yesterday. I decided to celebrate my weight loss by skipping it. A bad sign!

Jenna came over last night. We had a lot of work to do with Amazon Kindle. Be advised…..the problem is solved! All of you that wanted to subscribe may now do so! Go for it! Key West Lou Law.

I cheated on my diet Xmas eve and day. Ate everything. Well, almost.

I love fruit cake. Only at Xmas, of course. I asked Lisa to bake one. She said she did not know how. Additionally, she did not want her children eating fruit cake.

I was in Publix just before Xmas. They were selling fruit cakes. I bought a small one. Put it in the refrigerator. I was too stuffed after eating at Lisa’s each day to try the fruitcake. It still sits in the refrigerator.

The day the diet is definitely over in my mind will be the day I report I had a piece of fruit cake.

I have a Facebook friend in Crete, Greece. Jim Brown. Jim tells us today that he was car hunting in Greece. His comment is as follows. I share it with you precisely as he wrote it. Nothing changed. “…u ever tried to by a diesel car in Greece!!! fek me u have more chance of finding a virgin in Essex.”

There is enough being said about the Congresswoman Giffords tragedy in Arizona. A dissertation by me is not warranted. However I do wish to make one short comment: Crazy begets crazy!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. congrats on your wait lose ! eat cake ! you deserve it. snowing ! got 4 inches ! big deal for us ! we never see snow in columbia,sc………….BYRDMAN

  2. Hi Louis,
    Thanks for the mention for Terri. The show at Feinsteins was superb! As only a professional, like Terri can do, she entranced the audience with her incredible voice. One more Feinstens, Jan.16th, before we return to see you! Missing you.

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