The cold wave has arrived!

It is presently 65 degrees. The high today is projected at 68!

A 20 degree drop in two days!

Fear not however, the cold wave will leave us Monday and there will be a return to normalcy.

A good radio show yesterday! Love doing it!

The issue that received the most comment after the show involved the three Iowa Supreme Court Justices who were voted out of office for having ruled in favor of same sex marriage last year.

Iowa was upon me yesterday.

Cindy of Cindy and Tom from Cedar Rapids wrote. One of the judges voted out was the Chief Justice. A female. Cindy knew her personally. Grew up with her. Cindy’s sister was in the same grade as the Judge throughout school.

A small world. Proves one thing, however. On occasion, the center of the universe is Key West! Cindy and Tom spend time in the winter in Key West.

After the radio show yesterday, I was standing outside the studio on White Street talking with Larry Smith. A gentleman walked up and asked if I was Key West Lou. He wanted to say hello.

He identified himself as being from Iowa. He knew I would be finishing the radio show and stopped by hoping to meet me. He reads the blog every day!

We chatted a bit. Nice guy. Talked about the 3 judges. I mentioned Cindy and Tom to him. He wanted to know where to go for the best con leche in Key West. Larry and I pointed in unison to the next block. One of those holes in the wall behind a laundromat. The best Cuban coffee in Key West!

I am embarassed I cannot recall his name. My apologies. Hopefully before he leaves Key West, we will run into each other again.

KONK 1500 AM radio has a new name. Konk Broadcasting Network. We are growing! Soon KONK will be an FM station as well as an AM station!

I never made it to the gym yesterday. The road to hell is truly paved with good intentions. Instead I stayed home and read. Bad! I have to get into the gym habit. I must prepare for my stress test on the 16th.

I am getting old. I opted to stay in last night. A friday night! There was a reason. A good one. The Turner Classic Channel was showing Bridge on the River Kwai at 8. A 1957 classic. Terrific movie! Terrific background music!

I am toying with a trip to Italy. Sometime after my stress test on the 16th and Christmas. Just a thought. But it is gowing in me. It has been 25 years since I last visited Italy.

Lisa telephoned this morning. Ally was up sick all night. Ally got on the phone. In her typical fashion, she described her bad evening. She obviously sounded better this morning.

Love her!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Well Lou, I guess your postings haven't been controversial enough lately, not many comments..
    I wish I could feel sorry for you, but, since it was 24 degrees with a touch of snow here the other day…….
    The movie Bridge on the river Kwai [sp] was a good movie, it would have been nice if the movie was more factual though.. Counting the days to Ramrod..
    Patrick and JoAnn


    It's too darn cold for Key West! And the winds aren't helping any.

    Guess it could be worse – we could be facing Hurricane Tomas in Haiti.

    The Farmer's Almanacs all predict a colder winter than last year.

    We had 45 degrees here in Key West one morning last winter.

    Glad I have sweaters and jackets but think of some of those houses in Old Town that were built and still do not have H-E-A-T! How do they survive when the wind whips through the house at 50 degrees or less????!!!

    So much for our sub-tropical climate!

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