I am up early. Still dark outside. I can hear the wind in the palm trees. I can see nothing.

Friday’s radio show did not make it onto the internet for viewing world wide. I did not know it while the show was airing. However based on the number of e mails since, I have become aware. Sorry. The term is technical difficulties.

A loyal watcher of the internet show is Rita. She also is a daily reader of this blog. Rita lives in Capetown, South Africa.

Rita e mailed me over the weekend. Told me about her inablility to internet view the show. She also shared with me a very pleasant item.

Rita and I have become Facebook friends. We commnicate occasionally. She is aware of my interest in art. She has a similar interest.

In addition to lamenting about her inability to see and hear me friday, she attached a video for my viewing. It was a smorgasborg of Van Googh paintings. One step better. With Don McLean singing Starry Starry Night in the background.

Moving! A WOW!

McLean wrote the lyrics to Starry Starry Night in 1971. The song is based on Vincent Van Googh’s works. They individually appear and are fitted to the words of the song. Or the words are fitted to the art. Whatever.

The paintings were all done by Van Googh during his stay at the asylum at Saint-Remy.

I recommend you watch the video. It is powerful! www.youtube.com/watch?v=dipFHJckZOM.

My day started yesterday with Meet the Press and the Chris Matthews Show. Then the Sunday papers.

The early afternoon at Don ‘s Place. Pro football. Screens everywhere. Inside and out. The whole world enjoying the games with Don. Like Aaron, Alec, Rob, Beebe, Erica, Herschel and more. David did the barbecuing. His son Keith assisted him.

When I returned home, Lisa and Corey were here with the grandkids. Swimming. I joined them for a bit.

Family time continued into the evening. Sunday buffet at the Yacht Club. Lisa, Robert and Ally joined me. Corey was off to a Key West wake at Fort Zach. Cameron was home studying for a test.

Enjoyed Mad Men last night. If you do not watch it, do. Get into it. A terrific story line.

I admire the show’s writers. There are 18,000 sub plots. How they think of some of them, I do not know. But it all works and fits together.

The sun is finally up! But not shining through the clouds. The wind is unusually strong. From the northeast. Igor. My palm trees are bending.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Good Day Louis,
    As per my normal Friday routine, I watched/listened to your radio show this past Friday at my office in Toronto. I am sorry to hear that some of your regular viewers were unable to listen to your very interesting show on the constitution, but rest assured, at least one northern neighbour tuned in and was suitably impressed.
    Kerig Bracken
    Toronto, Canada

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