Great radio show yesterday!

Most of the show was dedicated to National Constitution Day. Yesterday. It was the 227th birthday of the U.S. Constitution.

Initially through Facebook, I made a friend in Indonesia. She and her friends religiously watch my radio show over the internet. And she equally religiously reads this blog.

Religious is the operative word here.

Sometimes we e mail each other.

Our Constiution guarantees people living in the U.S. certain freedoms. One is freedom of religion.
Indonesia has either the largest or one of the largest Muslim populations in the world.

My friend is not a Muslim. Though she is Indonesian. She and her ancestors have lived in Indonesia for generations.

My friend is Catholic. As is her family.

She once wrote and told me of the life of a Catholic in a Muslim country such as Indonesia.

Her Church is occasionally vandalized. Sometimes they must practice their faith in private.

She is occasionally beaten on the street. The beatings are swift and sudden. Because she is Catholic.

Our government permits a proposed Muslim mosque to be built less than 2 blocks from the site of 9/11. Her Muslim nation wreaks havoc on her Church and her personally.

Freedom of religion works differently in our two countries. Better stated, it appears non existant in one of them!

This is Poker Run Weekend in Key West. Motorcyclists from all over are here! Male and female alike. All similarly attired. Jeans, boots, headbands and leather. Tough looking! Mean appearing! All as gentle as babies. Doctors, lawyers, CPAs and the like on a fun weekend.

Duval is closed off. Bikes line both sides of the street. No recession here! These are expensive machines! As much as an expensive car!

A strange thought crossed my mind last night as I looked at Key West’s visitors and cycles. What would Harry Truman have thought? He loved and enjoyed Key West. My guess is he would have probably joined in on the festivities. At least attire wise. Harry, yes. Bess, no.

When I got home, I went to the internet to see what Truman was up to on this weekend years ago.

Turns out that on September 18, 1948, Harry Truman was campaigning for President. He was on the rear platform of a train in Chariton, Iowa giving a political speech. Candidates campaigned from the back of trains in those days. It was called whistlestopping.

Truman was giving the Republicans hell. He told the crowd that they were receiving top dollar for their pigs and corn. Thanks to him and the Democratic Party. He referred to the Republicans and their Republican controlled Congress as a “…do nothing Congress.” The transcript of Truman’s remarks were concise and hard hitting. His words would have equally applied in today’s political climate.

Ally telephoned me last night. Just as I was going out on the town. She has learned how to telephone. Dial. She insisted I stop and see her.

I could never turn down the request of a lovely lady. Especially not Ally.

I stopped by. We did our hellos and kisses. I stayed a few minutes and left.

Sean and Katherine were at the Chart Room. Good people. Mid 20s. Tomorrow’s leaders. Our country is in good hands!

Also at the bar were Don and Chris. I knew they would be in Key West this weekend. They had e mailed me.

Don and Chris are from the Syracuse area. They visit Key West several times a year. Love it here!

We met through this blog. Chris is a loyal reader. Every day! She recites my tales almost word for word.

They both are employed by a solar panel manufacturing company back home. Don had just returned from a lengthy trip to China. He has been there on business several times this past year.

Don looked good. He had to feel like crap. He had flown back from Shanghi to Chicago. Arrived in Chicago yesterday morning. Chris met him. They then hopped on a plane to Key West.

I had dinner at Michael’s. I went to chat with my bartender friend Emmett. He was not there. On vacation.

Michael’s was packed. I have never seen it so crowded. Even in season. Between the visiting bikers and locals, there was not an empty seat in the restaurant.

I asked the waiter if they had expected such a crowd. No way, he said. Not even half. The staff had to work their butts off last night. Michael’s was obviously understaffed for the crowd.

But, they did a good job!

I met an ineresting chap at the bar. He lives in Key West. Though I had never seen him before.

He was with a couple.

Their appetizers were 2 meals off the regualr menu and one off the lite menu. One of the mains was a whole Maine lobster.

Then they ordered again! You read me correctly! They ordered another whole meal. Three different meals from the regular menu.

I asked if the last time they had eaten was two weeks ago. He laughed.

The fellow I was talking with apparently makes his living taking tourists around town. He must also get a cut of the bill from the house.

A position for me to consider. Ho, ho!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Louis,
    You mentioned Harry Truman campaigning in Chariton, Iowa…I was born about 30 miles from Chariton, along the same rail line. My grandfather and uncles all worked for the railroad at that time.

    I am guessing that my grandfather saw Truman on that trip.


  2. I know you like Truman, but he's firmly in my second tier of "worst Presidents ever".

    Alone in the "bottom slot" of worst is Lincoln, with the "civil war". He allowed war on civilians and mass killing "to preserve the Union". The USA was never the same after that. Suspending civil liberties and persecuting his political enemies. I'd agree with Booth "sic semper tyranis". As a pro-lifer, killing is almost always wrong, but he was a pretty bad guy. The damage was already done when he was killed.

    Tied for the title, "My Second Worst", is FDR, Wilson, and Truman. Hard to pick a winner in that trio. Harry dropped the bomb on Japan to his, and our, unending shame. It's hard to imagine a worse crime against humanity. Twice.

    So, I wouldn't celebrate Harry. Sigh, I'd suggest that Harry's actions wouldn't have passed muster in MC Theology class. Heck, in grammar school we learned about the criteria for a "Just War" and proper conduct of it.

    p.s., Wilson's biggie was WW1 and his racist / elitist Progressive agenda. FDR was socialism, taking us off the gold standard, and WW2.

  3. Worst Presidents? Easy call:

    1. Jimmy Carter – too much to print why this idiot was the absolute worst in history and his twin, Barry O is right behind him.
    2. Barack Obama – but given his record he may overtake the number 1 slot yet.
    3. Lyndon Johnson – hey, he got dead people votes to put him in the Senate – twice! No slur to JFK but Lyndon did this one with all that Texas gusto and not with help from daddy.
    4. Woodrow Wilson
    5. Gerald Ford

    Top 5.

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