The mornings continue to be absolutely beautiful here in Key West!

Big time sun! Little breeze! A few white clouds! Breathtaking colors!

God is in His Heaven! All’s right with the world!

It does rain every day, however. September and October are the big rain months. Normally it rains once a day. Seems like it is raining more this month. Rained 3 times yesterday. Big each time. Flooded the streets.

I did a late Sunday breakfast yesterday at the Pier House. On the outside deck.

The Pier House is a perfect place to dine anytime. Especially if you are alone.

The Pier House provides free newspapers of all kinds to its guests. So it is easy for me to have something to read.

My only complaint is the menu. Specifically, eggs benedict. They are available up to 11. Then no more. Although the breakfast menu continues till 2 in the afternoon.

I enjoy eggs benedict as a late Sunday morning breakfast. I wish they would change the menu and make the eggs benedict available like all the other egg dishes thru 2 pm.

Pro football is back. That means Sunday afternoons at Don’s Place. Many TV sets. All the games playing somewhere. Every one there to watch and party.

It was a fun afternoon!

Dinner was at Lisa’s with the family. I enjoy the grandkids. Robert and Ally make me happy!

The three of us sat together and watched the end of the pro golf tournamnet after dinner.

Then it was home and to an early bed for me. Watched Sunday night TV from the bed. Especially enjoyed Mad Men. A great show! It protrays things as they actually were in the early 1960s when I first started practicing law. The clothes, men’s hair, women’s hair, smoking, drinking, how women were treated and whatever.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Egads man – eggs benedict??

    Absolutely one of the worst foods you can eat. Too much fat and too much artery clogging gunk for anyone to eat, let alone a senior citizen who should know better.

    Unless you want six of your friends carrying you by the handles in the near future, avoid at all costs.

    Think before you eat. Are you not into healthy??

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