Good morning!

The beginning of a lovely Key West Sunday!

It’s all here! Sun, water, blue sky. Magnificent!

I spent the better part of yesterday morning watching the ceremonies attendant to 9/11. And also watched the film of that day.

It was painful.

When the event occurred 9 years ago, it was shocking. My thoughts at the time were this cannot be happening.

Yesterday the shock was gone. There was only pain. The knowledge that it had happened and could happen again.

Around lunch time I was off to visit Lisa and the family. Corey’s parents are visiting for the weekend. We had some interesting chats regarding this Muslim thing. Did not always agree. However, we were able to talk and remain friends even though we were coming from different perspectives on occasion. As most people are these days.

Then it was the Coffee House for me. A cup of coffee and the New York papers. There were very few people. It was a time of solitude.

I desired cuban toast in some form. So it was over to Lucky Day and a cuban toast with melted cheese and tomato. Satisfying food!

I spent a couple of hours at Higgs Beach in the afternoon. Not too crowded. Enjoyed the sun on my body. Slept a bit.

I had no plans for last night. As I was driving to US 1, I decided to go north instead of south to Key West. I headed towards Big Pine. I decided to go to Boondocks for dinner.

Boondocks is much like Hogfish. Thatched roof. Open walls. Larger. A bit more updated. Because it’s newer.

Boondocks also sits in a better neighborhood. Just off US 1. I am not knocking Hogfish. Hogfish’s location adds to its flavor. The downtown Stock Island bit!

I ate at the bar. A fish sandwich. and potato salad. Boondocks has terrific potato salad! Talked with the people around me. Knew none of them before I went. Now we are all friends. Even exchanged e mails and telephone numbers.

Today is Sunday. Meet the Press shortly. The New York Times. Pro football later at Don’s Place. Dinner with Lisa and the family tonight.

What could be better?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. have ate at boondocks on the way in to kw before. neat place and graeat potato salad ! sounds like a good day ahead lou. nice and 89 degrees in columbia,sc………BYRDMAN

  2. I also watched some of the 9/11 stuff yesterday.. I was flying a friend back to Boston that morning and the first hijacked plane flew right over us just west of Albany. Had a strange conversation with New York Center and Albany Approach and didn't know why until we landed.. Spent 3 nice days in Boston until I was forced to rent a car and drive home..Had to wait another week before the skies were re-opened to go back to get the plane..
    Also watched some of stuff about the 9/11 'truthers' and their conspiracy theories.. What a bunch of morons..
    We are now on Ramrod across from Boondocks rather than KW. We still prefer Hogfish though.. Looe Key Tiki bar across from Boondocks is a great locals spot..
    Patrick and JoAnn

  3. The onion rings are the BEST at Boondocks. It's just a quick hop for us from Cudjoe Key and since the Square Grouper is closed until early October it's the closest choice.

  4. Been many a day since the fried food fests they call Boondocks. Is it still all breading deep fried in grease left over from the Reagan era? Do let us know….

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