A today issue. A hot potato.

A thought occurs. Are we condemning ourselves to a future of mediocre but politically correct leaders? Such might be a worse tragedy.

Another thought occurs. Where do we draw a line on a person’s youthful stupidity? Such stupidity commonplace.

Food for thought.

In the meantime, Al Jolson and Amos and Andy come to mind.

Al Jolson a great American entertainer. Vintage 1920’s-1930’s. Many times black faced. Mammy! Made the first talking movie.

Do we destroy his old films and recordings?

Amos and Andy a popular comedic radio show from 1928 to 1960. Its 2 stars were white men speaking the black dialect of the times.

When the show went on TV, they were no longer Amos and Andy. Black actors were hired to play Amos and Andy.

As with Al Jolson, Amos and Andy are part and parcel of America’s entertainment history. Shall we destroy the recordings of their radio shows?

What further causes concern is the propriety of applying the political correctness of today to actions which occurred 30-45 years ago.

There are additional thoughts to be shared. Left to another day.

Enjoyed yesterday afternoon. Watched Syracuse beat Boston College 67-56. Syracuse had a 20 point lead in the second half. Boston College whittled it down to 6. A bit nerve wracking.

Last night began with the Chart Room. Mary waiting for me. John bartending.

Two Pier House guests from Syracuse were seated next to me. They had arrived yesterday afternoon. A week’s vacation. First time in Key West.

Tim and Mary Beth. Nice people.

Tim’s historical interests impressive. He visits Presidential libraries, among other things. He asked about the Hemingway House. He did not know there was a Little White House. I am sure he will visit both.

Mary has been after me to join her on a Saturday evening for dinner at Harpoon Harry’s. To try the Saturday night special. Steak, potatoes and vegetables for $9.99.

You get what you pay for. I did. A piece of tough sirloin. The potatoes and veggies were good.

I enjoy Harpoon Harry’s for breakfast and lunch. Last time I probably will have dinner there, however.

Facebook friend Maryannbruno sends me daily Minion quotes. I have been ignoring them. Today, I took a look. Great stuff! Thank you, Mary Ann.

This morning’s Minion read: Two blondes were driving to Disneyland. The sign said: Disneyland Left. So they started crying and headed home.

Came across a recent study regarding high schoolers who are virgins. I would have thought the number astronomical. Not. Actually, there has been a significant reduction over the years.

In 1980, 49.2 percent of females were virgins. In 2017, 62.3 percent.

As to males, in 1980 42.67 percent were virgins. In 2017, 58.6 percent.

The recent percentages impressive. May they continue upward. I am old school.

I close with further comment re American farm production.

Mentioned a few days ago that farmer bankruptcies were up 100 percent from those that took place in 2008. A major recession occurred in 2008.

I wish to portray the American farmer’s economic woes further.

If matters continue as they are, the farmers’ struggling will lead to a catastrophic food supply in the U.S. Simply stated, there will not be enough to eat.

Government interference in the agriculture industry will have been responsible. The problems three-fold: regulated low prices, tariffs, and inability to export.

It is crisis time for farmers. They cannot make enough money. First it was they could not sell, now it is they cannot afford to plant.

American farm income under Trump is the lowest in 15 years.

A slight raise in interest rates also affecting the situation. As well as low commodity prices affecting not only bottom line profitability, but also viability.

Farmers are reluctant to borrow if they cannot pay back. In that regard, banks are playing hard ass with farmers. Denying loans. Pushing foreclosures.

The Trump administration is destroying America’s food industry. Actually, it may already have.

Lack of food could reach apocalyptic levels. As occurred in Greece 10 years ago and in Venezuela in recent years.

Greek farmers could not afford to grow since the stores were not able to buy because customers did not have monies to purchase.

Several years go, Venezuela suffered similarly and still does. Things got so bad people first ate their pets. Then attacked the zoos and killed the animals for meat.

The United States could fall into a similar scenario if the trend which began under Trump continues.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. When the Germans starved the Netherlands in WW2, hospital records from that time showed better rates of normal blood pressure and fewer cardiac events. It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow somebody some good.

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