Key West is experimenting. A promenade on Duval. Away with cars, motorcycles, bicyclists, and golf cart like vehicles. The streets open solely to pedestrian traffic.

Somewhere this morning I read there were no chickens on Duval. Correct! I have walked the promenade the past 2 nights and saw not one. Never thought about it till this morning.

Why I do not know. Strange. Several yeas ago, Key West hired a “chicken catcher.” He gave up after 2 months. Could not get the job done, he said. Too many obstacles.

Perhaps if we eliminate all type traffic on Key West streets other than pedestrian, Key West might finally eliminate the chicken problem.

Spent last night at the Chart Room. John bartending. Cindy and Steve back after 3 weeks away. Good to see them. The bar was packed off and on. Met many interesting people.

Till much later today, I will be reading and writing.

One of the books I am presently into is Becoming Michelle Obama. About 3/4’s through. I like the lady described in the book. She is a today woman of color who moved up from nothing to something. She expresses her journey modestly.

An every day woman.

Five will find me with Tammy. Time for a pedicure. Followed by Dueling Bartenders. Dinner at La Trattoria afterwards.

What a way to spend a monday evening!

On this day in 1939, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in Key West. He was driven down the Overseas Highway from Miami. Inspected the inactive Naval Station. Then boarded the USS Houston to sail to the Caribbean where he had a front seat to the war games of which the Houston was a part.

What follows might be described as “heavy stuff.” Especially for a Catholic.

The homosexuality and pedophilia involving priests and boys has been news now for several decades. Still being dealt with.

Last week, Pope Francis announced priests and nuns sexually engaging with each other on a world wide scale. Bishops, included.

In three days on February 21, a book will be published exploring the depth of sexual depravity within the Catholic Church. Especially at the Vatican level.

Titled In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy. The author, Frederic Martel.

I read a lengthy review this morning. Shocking, even if only partially true. I am giving the benefit of the doubt however and taking the book as true until indicated otherwise.

Some comments/descriptions in the book include the term “closet” when referring to those participating, the very special friendships existing in the Vatican, how Benedict XVI was forced to resign because of the blatant homosexuality.

Francis being rebuffed by most in the Church hierarchy because of his pushing for reform, Frances further being given a difficult time because of his exposure of Vatican homosexuals and his revealing the down and dirty of what is going on within its walls.

It is claimed a majority of Cardinals share “inclinations” and consider themselves “family.”

Pronouncements about celibacy and vows of chastity concealing a completely different reality. A do as I say, not as I do attitude. Francis believes such must be exposed. The good Pope is most troubled by the “dizzying hypocrisy” of those who advocate a rigid morality while at the same time having a companion or escort. Such the “innocent” description of the homosexual partner.

Though not directly involving nuns, the book makes the point that nunneries are the bastions of lesbianism.

All heavy stuff. Especially if true. I suspect it is. My 83 years have witnessed the rigid authoritarianism of the Church when it came to sex. Ruthless. Many dutiful members suffering unreasonably by the no compromise attitude of the Church. Follow my dictates or go to Hell, in effect.

I plan on reading the book.

From the religious to the lay. Paying federal income taxes.

Two years ago, Trump successfully signed into law the “tax bill.” The promise was no more tax breaks for the special interests and tax loopholes would be closed.

Has not worked out that way.

An example is Amazon.

Amazon reported $5.6 billion in profit for 2017. Paid $0 in federal income taxes. For the year 2018, $11 billion. Paid $0 in federal income taxes.

Note the Trump law reduced corporate taxes from 35 percent to 21 percent.

Amazon has done nothing wrong. They properly took advantage of the new tax law, in addition to any tax credits available.

As did many other corporations.

All Trump succeeded in doing with his new tax law was to lower the taxes on the rich to the detriment of the middle class and poor. As I have suggested in the past, it is taxes paid by the middle class and poor that carry the U.S. Pay its bills. Not the corporations and the rich.

Enjoy your day!



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      • Why is it always about HATE with you guys. You are so willing to blindly follow a crude and vulgar president who lies to you about everything including hate when ever it is something HE disagrees with. Why can’t you live your own lives without constant hate?

        • Why is it always HATE with you guys. You are so willing to blindly follow a misleading and biased media, who blindly cover stories if they are negative toward the President, and you agree with any story (no matter how unbelievable) when ever it is something that is negative about Trump and his supporters. Jussie Smollett ring a bell? Why can’t you live your own lives with out constant hate?

          • You have to have a rather forced and distorted view of things to suggest “us guys” are the hate component in this county. Trying to shoehorn the main stream media as blind and biased is a tired story that just doesn’t work anymore beyond the zombie minds of the narrow minded political right. Marcus Nakao ring any bells?

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