One of Syracuse’s greatest football coaches has passed on. Dick MacPherson died yesterday. He was 86.

Syracuse’s glory days were long gone when MacPherson arrived at Syracuse in 1981. His charge was to return Syracuse to those days. He did.

MacPherson coached at Syracuse ten years. From 1981 to 1990. Two events stick out in my mind. The 1987 team that went undefeated. The other, the 1984 defeat of #1 Nebraska 17-9.

The Nebraska game sticks out in my mind. I doubt I missed being at the Carrier Dome for a football game in the years I had a private box. Except for Nebraska in 1984. A relative was being married in Utica. During the ceremony, I was sitting in the rear of Mount Carmel Church with a small radio pressed to my ear.

My blood ran orange. Still does.

MacPherson was a warm personality. A kind word for everyone. A family man. His daughter Maureen went to Syracuse Law School with my son John. She was a visitor to the box. MacPherson himself would visit during the basketball season.

Jim Boeheim said yesterday: “He was one of those rare guys that everyone loved.” Could not have been said better.

The undefeated 1987 season was recognized. MacPherson was named Coach of the Year.

Following Syracuse, he moved to professional football. Coached the New England Patriots for two years. Then returned home to Syracuse to broadcast Syracuse football games.

MacPherson will be laid out on campus at Hendricks Chapel. Final services will be held at Hendricks Chapel.


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