April 1. April Fools Day.

I recall being fooled big time some 20 years ago.

I was in Key West reading the Key West Citizen. There was a major article on the front page. The City Commission had voted to ban smoking in all restaurants, bars, and public places. Public places included beaches and sidewalks.

I was shocked! Not only was the new law stupid, it was illegal!

Then it hit me. This was April Fools Day. The Citizen got me!

The interesting thing is what was a joke back then has become reality in most instances today. You never know!

Today, the nations of Europe celebrate Little Easter. It is a legal holiday just as Easter Sunday is. I do not know why there is the extra day to celebrate Easter. But there is and the holiday is celebrated with its own traditions and customs. The food item for today is eggs. Prepared in  omelette fashion.

In Italy, they will also be eating the Easter cassata left over from yesterday. What a dish! My grandmother, mother, and former wife made it every Easter. A big deep round pie. Thick crust all around, including the top. Baked crisp. Inside a ricotta filling. Ricotta with cherries, chocolate, and other small pieces of fruit. As good as the cassata tasted, it was equally heavy. It sat inside you for two days.

I miss the cassata. It has been at least 8 years since I last tasted one. Cassata is not in Lisa’s cook book.

A great Easter dinner. Lisa out did herself. Manicotti and baked ham. The manicotti was especially tasty. Ricotta again, covered in a light dough. Baked in the oven in a red sauce.

It was Cameron’s 18th birthday. Cheesecake covered with fresh fruits. Ally gets excited for birthdays. Gets everyone around the table, directs the lights be turned off, starts the singing, etc. May she always so enjoy!

After dinner, we all sat around watching the Duke/ Louisville game. Everybody includes Corey’s  parents Karen and Curtis who were in for the holiday.

Louisville is a great team. If Syracuse defeats Michigan and Louisville Wichita state, Syracuse will have a tough time handling Louisville. Syracuse met Louisville twice this past season in Big East play. Syracuse lost each time. The last time, badly.

Kevin Ware’s injury put a hot blanket on everything. It may have inspired Louisville. Who knows. In any event, I wish Ware well and hope he will be back on the court soon.

I finished the Ulysses Grant book I have been reading for ages yesterday afternoon. It is titled The Man Who Saved The Union. The author is H. W. Brands. I recommend the book. Long, but excellent. Around 700 pages.

I did not realize before reading the book what a great president Grant was. He seems to have been buried in history.

I spent a little time researching for my tuesday blog talk radio show and friday television/internet show. Came across an interesting historical item.

The surviving Lincoln child was his son Robert Todd Lincoln. He was present at the death of three Presidents.

Robert was at his father’s beside when his father died in 1865. Lincoln did not die at the Ford Theatre where he was shot.

In 1881, Robert was Secretary of War. James Garfield was President. Robert was at the train station to see Garfield off when Garfield was shot.

President William McKinley was shot also. 1901. Robert was at his bedside during the one week following the shooting before McKinley died.

You will recall my advising several weeks ago that Key West had a lottery winner. A $17 million one. The identity of the person has been revealed. It is Debra Jackson. She is a school teacher aged 60 who was planning on retiring at the end of this school year. She opted to take the money in a lump sum. $11 million. Publix gets a bonus for having sold her the ticket. $70,000.

What a country! I wish Ms. Jackson well.

Like Porky Pig of old would close out his movie shorts…..That’s all folks!

Enjoy your day!




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