Good morning Larry Smith!

Thank you for another great evening last night at the Pier House! You are a musical organizer extraordinaire! Last night was typical of the high performance level you have brought to the Wine Galley. And the continuing large crowds bear truth to the statement!

It was Walter Friend’s star time! And a star he was! He beat those drums every which way! What a joy to see and enjoy an 81 year old man doing at this stage of his life that which he enjoys most: publically playing the drums!

I don’t know which was more pleasaurable. Watching or listening to Walter. There he sat. Tall and patrician. Thin. In body and hair. His sparse gray hair bobbing to each beat! His head always moving!

A man in love with what he was doing!

Walter also likes to tell stories. We all do as we get older!

Last night was a bit of a celebration for Walter and his loving wife Cynthia. A 60th anniversary! It was 60 years ago yesterday to the day that they met!

As Walter told the story, he was 21, it was a thursday in february and he was lunching at the Statler. I told you Walter came from money! Anyhow, he was introduced by a friend to a young lovely by the name of Cynthia Churchill! Cynthia was 19.

He liked Cynthia.

The next day was friday. Winter Wonderland Weekend was starting at Dartmouth. Walter asked Cynthia to go with him.

Things were different back then. She had to ask her mother for permission. Mrs. Churchill apparently said yes and off the two of them went.

Walter said that by Sunday the two of them were so wrapped up in each other that even a blow torch could not have separated them!

Walter and Cynthia were married that September!

Interestingly Walter suggested they might have married earlier. However they had to wait till Cynthia was 20. A permission thing?

Those accompanying Walter were great also!

Marilyn Holderfield left Key West for the Villages up north in Florida last year. She is now the reigning Diva of the Villages! Here for a vacation and visiting old friends, she joined in. A spectacular blues singer!

And then there were Christine Cardone and Kathleen Peace. Two of the Key West’s best voices! And they blend well when singing in duet. Which is what they basically did last night! Walter at the drums and these two ladies belting the tunes out! Great!

Somewhere along the way Larry let a guy in! Peter Diamond! Soft and easy! His sound gets right into you!

The bar was very professionally handled by Donna again last night!

This is one very fine person. She works five nights a week bartending at the Wine Galley. And works seven days a week at obtaining her doctorate. A very committed person!

Larry periodically introduces people in the room or shares stories about them. He is forever describing Donna to his audience as hot and sexy. Not fitting from my perspective. More charming and lovely! However I will not deny that she has eye appeal! I periodically find my eyes fixated upon her!

The sun is up. Another great day in the making! I think I will go for a walk.

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  1. Hello Lou,

    You always seem to bring a smile to my face! Your words in your blog are very lovely and endearing and match the man writing them to a tee!! Key West is very fortunate to have you among their community. I hope to see you again soon. Oh, and keep up the interesting reading! 😉


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