Late today! Sorry!

Yesterday was a very good day!

Played golf in the morning. The course was packed. The season is here. Took close to 5 hours to play.

I was anxious to play yesterday. I had hit the ball well on wednesday and assumed I would hit it well yesterday. I was wrong! I sucked!

However the weather was fantastic. About 80. And the company good! Aaron, Bill and Lowell. By the way, Aaron’s name is spelled with 2 a’s, not 3, as I had written it in my disasterous blog of a couple of days ago. Aaron was upset! May that be the worse I do to him in life!

After golf, I swam a bit and then took a 1/2 hour power nap lying in the sun. Good!

I started last night at the Yacht Club and Square One. Had a few drinks and shared good company in both places. Dinner was at the bar at La Tratattoria. Spaghetti and oil with a touch of garlic and red pepper. Actually a lot of garlic! Fortunately I was kissing no one afterward so it did not matter!

Then walked over to La Te Da for a nightcap. Debra and Patrick were performing. Enjoyed them and the company at the bar.

The day and night were finally over. Home to bed where I slept like a baby till 6 this morning.

I was up early. Sun was trying to come up.

I ventured over to Paradise Cafe. Read the paper and enjoyed my cubnan toast and coffee. All of a sudden there was a loud clatter. Schreeching might be a better word!

The chickens!

Sex and the City had returned!

There were 4 roosters, yes 4, chasing one hen in the street! They all wanted her. She was running for her dear life!

The chickens almost caused an accident. Cars were veering all over the place to avoid them.

Now I know why there are so many baby chicks. These chickens, especially the roosters, are very sexual! Horny actually!

Lisa called while I was having breakfast. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter had been up all night with the flu upchucking. First time experience for the poor kid!

Lisa needed some things at the drug store and market so I did my thing for God and country.

My granddaughter looked so sad. Big eyes, sunken, pale face, listless. Laying on her mother. She likes pink. I saw some left over pink roses from Valentine Day so I bought them for her. She could have cared less! I should have thought more! What is a young lady of 2 1/2 going to do with roses!

That is why I am late with the blog today. Had family duties to perform.

By the way, there was an article in this morning’s paper on the subject. More people are being afflicted with the flu bug this year than in recent times. The flu shot is not as effective as normal. The reason is that 40 per cent of the flu strains out there are new and not protected by the flu shot.


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