Yesterday was a quiet day.

It started cold and windy. Stayed that way all day.

Key West is a small island. Only 1.5 x 4.0 miles. The wind generally either blows from the west/ gulf side or east/ocean side. When it blows from one side, you walk on the other side of the island. The trees and buildings cut the wind dramatically.

The wind appeared to be blowing off the gulf side. So I walked along the Atlantic. The Atlantic side is basically the beach side. Nothing but water as far as the eye can see.

Except for a solitary shrimp boat sitting out there.

I remember the song from many years ago. Words like…shrimp boats are acoming, their sails are in sight! Let me tell you something I learned here in Key West about shrimp boats. Those are not sails you see running down the masts on the sides of the boats. They are shrimp nets!

Just sharing some incidental unimportant information.

Something else also came to mind regarding the wind. Wind is fickle! I learned that in my sailing experiences. Everything I told you earlier about the gulf side and ocean side re wind and the trees and buildings breaking it, proved false yesterday. It was windy and cold on the ocean side also! So much for the theory!

I spent the day at home doing paperwork.

Last evening I had an early dinner alone at the bar at La Trattatoria. I was anxious to get home by 9 to watch the Democratic debate from Nevada. I am a political junkie at heart!

I ate spaghetti with gralic and oil. A good thing I was alone!

I rushed home. Arrived a few minutes before 9. Turned on the TV and jumped in bed. And fell asleep! I never saw even one minute of the debate!

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