A beautiful morning! A God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world type!

The sun is shining! Not a cloud in the sky! The water is blue and moving with the breeze! The palm tress are green green in the reflected sun light!

I could just sit here looking out my open window all day. It is called contemplating one’s navel!

Yesterday was a good day also! But not because of the weather so much.

I played golf in the morning. With Aaron the marrying man, Bill the former Mack dealer and our newest addition Harry. Harry retired the first of the year. A now former practising doctor from Pennsylvania.

Harry is having a problem with retirement! He asked me how long it took me to adjust. I told him 2 weeks. He has only been retired one week. Told him to be patient. Another week is not too long to wait for the adjustment to set in.

He wanted to know what I did. Nothing I said. But I seem to be busy all the time. The best analogy I could give was that retirement has to be accepted like good sex. Don’t fight it! Just lie back and enjoy it!

And last night was the Key West Symphony’s Tenth Anniversary Gala! A black tie event. I must say I looked beautiful in my tux! Ho ho! Such vanity!

My daughter Lisa was my date. She looked magnificent in her little black dress and flowing hair! I was proud to have her on my arm!

A wonderful affair! The event started with cocktails on the Westin dock. Then dinner inside.

The Westin by the way picked up the whole tab for the evening. Food, booze, etc. So the entire evening was pure profit to the Symphony. The Westin are obviously good people and care for the Key West community. Diane Schmidt is general manager at the Westin. She did a wonderful job for the Symphony in the preparation and presentation for the event! And Diane you were a knockout personally last night! The dress and shoes were right there!

There were all kinds of surprises during the dinner.

The first was Marilyn Monroe jumping out of a cake! A drag queen of course! Bobby Nesbitt sang a special song. Little Switzerland donated a 1.75 carat diamond which some lovely lady won. And so on!

I had not worn my tuxedo shoes in years. Probably because I have not worn my tux in years. So I needed the shoes shined. Where does one get shoes shined in Key West? No where. Males do not wear shoes per se in Key West!

I went to Publix and bought black wax and a brush. I took the shoes, wax and brush down to the dock. I also needed a couple of rags. That old T shirt with the many holes that I loved so much finally found its demise. There I sat by the water with the sun shining on me. Polishing my shoes! It was fun! Brought back memories of many days past!

Harry: This is what I do in retirement. Shine shoes!

Enjoy the day! It is a glorious one!

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