I watched the sun set last night!

From my bedroom terrace.

A bright orange ball!

What could be more exciting!

However that does not mean it is warm here! Still cold from a southern perspective. This morning is especially cold. Brisk is a better word for it. And yet the forecast is for a 78 degree day. We shall see!

Sunday is generally a quiet day for me. I subscribe to the biblical admonition that it should be a day of rest!

I did my usual breakfast and morning walk. Then visited my grandchildren. Spent the afternoon in bed. Alone of course! And unfortunately!

Dinner last night was at Alice’s Restaurant. A total Key West environment. Open windows. Old town street views. Good solid Caribbean food. The type that sticks to your ribs! Even serves meatloaf!

Trying to be a good boy and lose those newly found 10 pounds, I limited my intake to a boiled artichoke and a piece of broiled yellowtail snapper. I cannot tell a lie. I consumed 2 gins also!

Tonight is Jack Baron night!

Jack was a close artist friend who died 3 years ago. A gallery is having the first show of his works since his passing.

It will be a sad, but exciting time.

I miss Jack terribly. He was a good person and a good friend.

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