Sunday! Sunday!

Black and overcast this morning. Looks like it will pass over however. The rainy season is not upon us yet.

Party time last night!

Linda and Bill Schrufer threw a pool party. The first one in a long time. A pool party in Key West means everyone goes in the pool. Except no one did! We all settled in comfortable chairs under the palm trees and started drinking and socializing. And there we stayed!

As usual, the company and food were good. Linda is a fantastic hostess! Party planning her forte! Always a successful event!

I heard from Chen Wei in China. She wants to know why I no longer write about rats.

This is the Year of the Rat in China.

The rat is a revered species there. It is both a household pet and a foodstuff. Amazing how different cultures view things!

Rats are extremely clean animals. Like cats, they clean themselves. They are easily trained and make great household pets.

In China, that is.

Also rats are part of the food chain. Actually foodwise, nothing is wasted in China. Rats, snakes, even cats, are dinner time chices.

Not for me! Probably not for my American readers. However as the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. So be it!

Thank you Chen Wei for writing.

Sunday means breakfast with the grandkids. I am off to Camille’s!

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